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Metabolic Syndrome

Hi i'm a regualr, on the thyroid forum, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease last October.  My question is regarding metabolic syndrome, this is what my endo diagnosed me with on Thursday.  I have been a mess for a year, blameing everything on thyroid and it wasn't until I saw my endo, that maybe i'm looking at something entirely different.  I have excessive weight gain and am very overweight, I have elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  She put me on a diet that consists of no dairy, no red meat, fruit, but no juice, nothing processed, and low carb, does this sound like a good idea?  i've been on low carb before, but never with dairy being restricted, and never to where I can have fruit, that seems weird to me.  I'm in the process of having test to see if I have diabetes, but am a mess right now.  I get blurry vision alot, I always just chalked it up to my high blood pressure, I am very tired and fatigued, I sometimes, am hot for no reason, people always ask if I have excessive thirst, but I don't have that?  Is that a good sign?  Is that common with people with diabetes?  I also do not urinate often, in fact I retain fluids real bad, and have to take a diuretic.  Any input, I would really appreciate it, I'm clueless on all of this.  I don't understand the whole insulin thing at all, or what it does or what i have or anything, I'm scared.  Help please.
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Hi Shannie,
Unlike the other MedHelp forums, no one here is a physician.  We're all volunteers with consider personal experience as diabetics or caregivers.  I can surely understand your feeling scared right now.  A year is long time to not feel well.

I don't know about Metabolic Syndrome, but found this reliable site from NIH for you:

As you get further evaluations, be sure to have your kidney function tested.  If you are not urinating often and are retaining fluids, it would be wise to make sure your kidneys are doing their job and are not stressed.  BP meds are often helpful to protect kidney functioning in diabetics; I'm not sure if this applies to folks without diabetes.

The diet is interesting and the only insight I have as to "fruit okay, juice not" is that fruit contains fiber and takes a bit more digestion effort (a good thing).  Juices are normally just pure fruit-sugar in liquid form.

Many folks who are striving to lose weight try to avoid "spending" their calories on liquids which are less apt to give us a satisfied, full feeling like solid foods will.

Wish I had more info to offer.  Perhaps others with experience will chime in and perhaps you'll discover others with your set of conditions in your area.  It sure seems to help to have others to commiserate with as we struggle to gain control over what ails us.  Good luck and do your best to nurture yourself thru all this.
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The Metabolic Syndrome is a group of signs/symptoms which are associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes and possibly heart disease.  The exact genetic and enviornmental causes remain unknown.  The best approach is to lose weight, control blood glucose levels (and lower insulin resistance), and exercise.  

The diet you're on is a common one for patients with metabolic syndrome.  The hope is that you'll lower the risk for developing diabetes.  Currently, you're in a prediabetic state.

Hope that helps.

Dr. Michael Smith, MD

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I was recently diagnosed with Insulin Resistence, and I have been reconizeing more and more sypmtons that occur with diabeties. I'm only 15 and dealing with this insulin resistence and school. So I haven't been keeping myself all that healthy. Is that bad? Can I hurt myself more by letting myself go? And my family doctor told me that if I lose 20 pounds that this will all go away. But I only weigh 120 pounds and im 5'3". Im definately not overweight. I don't know whether to tell my mom about my increased thrist, increased hunger, and i go to the bathroom all the time. I'm just confused about all of this! Thanks for any help!
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