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My blood sugar readings are higher than normal

Aged 56, diagnosed with Type one 5 years ago, in general my daily readings go from 5 to 7, my hBa1c over the last 4 years is always in the 6 range, however these last 3 weeks my daily readings are showing around the 8 to 8.5 mark with no other ailments (colds /bugs), no change to diet or exercise and just a small normal winter increase to my insulin medication from 13 mml twice per day to 15mml since November generally until March (slightly colder but it has been fairly mild here this winter). Just frustrated, consultant does not have any real idea. I expect my daily readings to be in the 4.5 to 6.5 range but as I said, consistently 7.5 to 8.5 showing, any thoughts, hints , ideas?
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sometimes there may not be a clear reason for what is happening.

The answer would be to reduce your carbs (carbs require more insulin, therefore eating less carbs will reduce your insulin requirements) and / or to increase your insulin dose.   Has your Dr shown you how to adjust insulin doses?   If not, do ask him.  It is best that your blood sugar levels are kept close to non-diabetic range.

As you are type 1, it is also possible that your pancreas produces less insulin over time, and thus your insulin dose will need to be increased.

Do continue to monitor closely.  Because just as your blood sugar rose suddenly, it may also possibly drop suddenly.

Thanks, really appreciate, increased insulin slightly and almost immediately, readings have dropped, probably will reduce over the next few days, diet remains fairly similar, at least I think it is, thanks again J.
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