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Newly Diagnosed questions


I wanted to introduce myself  (My name is Gary) and thank you for the valuable resource I have come to find in all of particpants of this forum.

This week I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am 37 years old and with a A1c of 10.9(279).Although my large body frame precludes me from being obese I can stand to lose 25-30 pounds.

  I recently began oral treatment and I have noticed several metabolic  reactions. First my glucose started have started at 299 earlier this week and have steadily fallen gradually to 142 as of my lastest today.
I have recently have begunt o expereinece blurry vision and the inability to see typed print when placed about 6-12 inches form my face. Is this something that is typical i have read that near sighted people experience this but is it the same for my circumstance?

My next question is this I have tingling in my fingers(very minor and not a discomfort) is this typical of diabetics? is this a symptom of something more significant?
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Dear Gary,
     Congratulations on getting your blood sugar in better control. i am unfamiliar with all the different diabetes oral medication, being a type 1 diabetic. The blurry vision you are experiencing may be a side effect of the medication, most medications have side effects that affect some of the people who take it. You may want to contact your physician about this and see what he proposes to do. He could change your medication as there are many meds for type 2's.
     The tingling in your fingers may be from the diabetes as the most common complication of diabetes is nerve damage, and it normally effects the legs and arms first. So to prevent further complications the recommended advice is to keep the blood sugar as close to normal as possible. This is normally requiring a bit of work on the part of the diabetic. Good luck, bret
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Hi Gary,

I'm type 1, but had the same experience during the first two months when I started getting my blood glucose in near-normal range.  After a couple of months, though, my vision returned to its previous prescription almost exactly.
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