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Should I be worried about a drip puncture 3 weeks ago?

Hi guys!

I'm an 18 year old who gets plenty of exercise and eats a mostly balanced diet regularly.

I had a drip (for just over an hour) three weeks ago after an infection that made me dehyrated and although the doctor has given my a numbing cream for my arm the pain is still here. I'm still having difficulty lifting light objects and the pain is concentrated where the puncture was. It isn't infected there is no longer any bruising. I also had a paper cut 3 months ago which appears to have healed however it hurts when it's pressed on (not as much as when I did it). Should I be worried?

I do have a family history of diabetes (mum, maternal grandparents and paternal grandmother) and since this drip I have been experiencing general tiredness and especially after eating, and I've been urinating more often. I have also noticed that I am eating a lot more than usual and there is no possibility of pregnancy. Is this the aftermath of a drip?

The doctor was dismissive and didn't listen to anything else I had to say after I started to tell her about the drip. I couldn't ask her about what I can do about these other symptoms. I'm worried because I rarely cut/bruise myself but when I do it recovers within a few days. I understand it might not be diabetes but my question is should I wait another week or go to a doctor about these symptoms immediately? Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms after having a drip?

Thank you so much in advance!
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Hi.  Maybe the best way to reassure yourself is to test your blood sugar.  You could do this with either a home blood sugar meter or via your doctor.  It is unlikely that you are diabetic.

Let us know how you go.  
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Over that weekend my 'indigestion pain' became constant. I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. They did EKG and chest x ray and found nothing. The Dr examined me and saw the 'bug bites' and diagnosed me with Shingles. The rash spread across my right breast, under my right arm an across the upper portion of my back to my spine. The chest pain continued and I was put on Oycodene and acyclovire and sent home
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