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What do you eat for protein?

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I eat veggies and fruits.  I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and need to lose some weight.  My doctor says I don't get enough protein in my diet to lose weight.  I'm not a big fan of beans.  What is a good source of protein for my case?
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Are you vegetarian for any personal reason?   Would you consider including other protein sources such as those from whey protein, or eggs?

Maybe you could also look into a protein supplement to include with your regular meal, in a shake for example.

Fruits are high in sugar.

I would be looking into eating a low carb and/or ketogenic diet.  It is possible to do this even if you are vegetarian, but will need quite a lot of work on food preparations and research.   If you also don't eat beans this will make getting more protein challenging due to most plant foods being quite low protein.

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Thank you for this information!!!  I am a vegetarian for personal reasons.  I absolutely LOVE vegetables and have been told that my good cholesterol is super high because of this.  I've looked into protein shakes since reading your post.  I think I might try the Herbalife brand.  Those darn beans - I wish I liked them better - LOL!  I'll eat them in soups or chili in the winter, though.
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Glad I could give you some direction ideas.  Wishing you well!
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Is it the taste of beans you dislike or the texture? I don't like the texture, so I puree beans to add to things to up my protein.
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I think it's a little of both.  I guess black beans are better in texture; not too mushy.  They're so bland, though!!!!!!!
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Both Dr Mark Hyman MD and Neal Bernard claim plant based eating will reverse diabetes.  That is both type 1 and 2.   Plus no matter how advanced the diabetes is.  Of course the worse the diabetes the more effort is needed.  However  any degree of the disease can be reversed with this type of eating.
Type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed.
Type 2 can be reversed with diet in many, but not all cases.
There are two approaches to diet that may be effective:  

1. Low carb, adequate protein, fat for energy balance - otherwise known as ketogenic of low carb diet.  In this diet carbs are typically restricted to 30g or less per day.   This diet also includes abundant non-starchy, non-sweet vegetables and plant foods.
2. Very low fat, adequate protein, high carb.  This is the plant based and even vegan diet that some are promoting.   This diet does not have processed foods.

The diet that absolutely does not work is a diet that is high in both carbs and fats.

For me, considering that diabetes is an inability of the body to properly process glucose I choose low carb / ketogenic diet.  This diet is fairly easy to follow.  No grains, no sugars, no starchy vegetables.

There are some people for whom the low fat / high carb works.  You would need to find out which suits you best and which one you can manage sustainably.

There are different types of carbs>  complex and simple>   the latter consists mostly of pastry     Neither the glycemic index  and the glycemic load was mentioned in your comments>  Many endocrinologists recommend either the  GI  or t he  GL
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Thank you!!!!!!!  I do wish Type 1 Diabetes could be reversed.  That would definitely give me incentive to do just about anything.  This is a miserable disease; I take 6-7 shots per day and check my blood sugar 6-7 times per day.  That's a lot of pokes!
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