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Insulin and Tadalafil

I am 53 year old and type 2 diabetic, I take Insulin twice daily. Other medications are metformin 500mg twice daily, Lisinopril 40mg(morning), Trazodone 50. Recently I take tadalafil 10mg and my blood sugar goes very low.  I also tried 2.5mg daily at night, again my blood sugar goes very low. I wear a freestyle libre patch. What medications are interacts with tadalafil? Is Viagra will be safe for me?
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If you visit this page: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-77875/tadalafil-oral/details, then click the "interactions" link and scroll down to the bottom, you  can enter each specific drug you are taking to check for interactions.  I didn't see anything particularly concerning; however, you should talk with your doctor about your very low blood sugar.  It might not be related to the tadalafil, but if I were you, I would discontinue using it until your doctor can run some tests.
Thank you.
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Tadalafil is known to increase insulin sensitivity
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