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the adequat doses of insulin?


I want to ask you a question please.

If a diabetic makes the analysis of glycemia before the meal and he(it) finds the rate 120 mg / dl
According to you which will be the doses of the insulin which he has to inject before the meal

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It is obvious from your post that you are in need of diabetes education. You can obtain this from your doctor, or by carefully reading the information available on various diabetes web sites.

Only a doctor should advise you of medication dosage/s as he/she has access to your medical records and history. Accepting this type of advice from a stranger on a public health forum/board can put your life at risk, especially with insulin. A preprandial glucose level of 120 mg/dl does not warrant insulin. Good luck
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as important as the preprandial (yours is higher than it should be - it should be < 95 ideally before eating), even more important is what happens after eating.

Blood sugar should also be tested about 2 hours after eating.

the correct insulin dose is calculated in coordination with your doctor and has to be based on the amount of carbohydrate and protein you eat as well as how high your blood sugars may get and how much one unit of insulin drops your blood sugar.

Please discuss with your doctor.  Please request some education on how to use insulin.

It is dangerous to use insulin if one does not fully understand how it works.  OF course high blood sugars are also unhealthy.

Hope this gives you some more direction.
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Hi there,
I suggest you to read this book:"Diabetes solutions" by Dr. Richard Beirstein to understand further on the use of Insulin at the same time , google this new medication:Victoza by reading Victoza forum on the internet. Good luck
I, myself a 20 plus year Diabetic 2, but luckily I don't need to use either one of the 2 mentioned medications. I control my blood sugar by following DR. Beirstein diabetic 2 diet which is (6,12,12) and use my own natural herb made at home by myself. My A1C has been less than 6% for one year now so I don't have any leg pains, neuropathic pains. No more.
There are foods that lower the Blood sugar like: fresh Cabbage, bean prout, fresh bitter melon juice...Again  good luck.  
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