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Average blood sugar level?

What is the average level of blood sugar? Is it between 5.0 and 7.0? Thanks.
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Hi, the normal target for blood sugar is 4-7mmol/L before eating, and 2 hours after eating is 5-10mmol/L for people with diabetes.  For people who are pre-diabetes is 4-6mmol/L before eating, and 5-8mmol/L 2 hour after eating.  

best of luck!
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Thanks. What is too low? What is too high?
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oops, sorry. You mentioned the high level already too. Sorry. I re-read it.
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Though the ADA still uses these very outdated numbers, I think 110 (180) is much too high for post prandial. Most of us aim for under 140 as that is when studies have shown that complications start to develop. Some even try to stay under 120.
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