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Can this be

ok I hope you can help me. I am not asking yu to diagnose just give me idea what could be,. I have no isurance so I am worried just on that.

I just turned 32 I have a 7 month old I do have hypertention for over 2 yer but t has been great and controlled.

I have been noticing this for a while now. I will be somewhere then all of a sudden  feel like I better hold something or I will fall. My eyes feel like they are going crossed I get light headed and I feel a little quizzy in my tummy. It has happened a few times driving like I could not control my eyes and I felt shaky to. I never pass out. I dont get headaches but maybe 2 a month if that. These epsodes last a minute tops but still are bother some because I feel sick when it happenes also i feel tims my heart is beating fast. Things feel like they are fluttering buy hard to explain...

Can this be diabetes
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do u have diabetes, because if u get these feeling they could be a sign of hyer or hypo blood sugars. Does this seem to happen when u have eaten or when u have not ate for awhile. Or maybe its even your blood pressure. Do u take BP pills. I sure hope u weren't on BP pills and went off because u don't have insurance. What are your BP numbers and how often do u check them. I notice u wrote this question on the diabetes site, do u have diabetes?
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Feeling lightheaded is the feeling of being "spaced out" or having the sensation of spinning inside your head. It can also give you the sensation that if your lightheadedness worsens, you might lose consciousness. Causes may include:

    * Inner ear disorders. These abnormalities of your inner ear can lead to illusions of motion and make you feel like you're floating.
    * Anxiety disorders. Certain anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks and a fear of leaving home or being in large, open spaces (agoraphobia), may cause lightheadedness.
    * Hyperventilation. Abnormally rapid breathing that often accompanies anxiety disorders may make you feel lightheaded.
    * Blood sugar rises and falls below normal expected ranges

What to do: Seek medical attention ASAP. Write all your symptoms down on paper especially if they happen after certain activities. Write down your diet - foods and liquid intake. Take this to the doctor when you see him/her. Ask for a diabetes test HgbA1c and be sure to ask for a CBC and lipid panel tests.

Good luck.
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Yes I have HBP and I am on meds and it is great 120/80 sometimes 90 but so far so good. I have ha it 3 yearsand when I just had my daught it was so bad she stopped growing at 34 weeks, but she is fine and me to... Yes I have no insurance I cant get it either. Long story husband was killed now I have the kids alone. State says since i get Death Benefits I cant get insurance and I pay out of pocket for all 4 kids also. We get 2900 a month and they say that to much... FINE but the kids are first no matter what I am just afraid something is majorly wrong with me and scared to find out.. I had a CBC Feb or March 06 it was all fine... Yes the feeling is like all of a sudden my hea drifted off my shoulders and I feel like I will puke to.
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