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My mom is diabetic with cardiac disease. Has anyone tried cinnamon capsules to help with BS? She has no energy..is tired all the time. I'm worried about her.
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I consume 1/4 tsp w/oatmeal three times a week to stabilize my blood pressure and cholesterol. I may be wrong, but I haven't heard of cinnamon lowering glucose levels.

Please take your mother to a doctor for a checkup asap. Make a list of every symptom and unusual behaviors and bring it with you to the doctor. Make sure he/she discusses each with you. A local radio station owner passed yesterday after being diagnosed with cancer a week ago. She sounded fine over the air except for a nagging cough. Laura was 57.
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there have been studies linking better insulin uptake thru use of cinnamon, but be careful as it can be toxic at higher doses. Try a little bit and see, its suppose to help lower cholesterol as well. Do not pass up seeing a doctor though, being tired  all the time can be linked to anemia , advancing heart disease, ect. Hope your mom feels better soon!
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I don't know forsure if I'm a diabetic because I don't want to go to the hospital but I take 1-3 Cinnulin PF pills a day right before I drink something with a lot of sugar.


    *  An ultra-potent,highly effective cinnamon extract

    * Helps the body use insulin more effectively

    * Each convenient capsule delivers 150 mg of Cinnulin PF

Help your body use its insulin more effectively with our Cinnulin PF. What sets Cinnulin PF apart from other cinnamon extracts is its proven track record of safety and effectiveness. The patented method used to produce Cinnulin PF extracts the water-soluble type-A polymers from cinnamon while leaving behind fat-soluble compounds, which can be harmful in higher quantities. This enables the production of an ultra-potent cinnamon extract that is highly effective yet free of harmful side effects. Cinnulin PF High Potency Cinnamon Extract is the only patented cinnamon extract to be USDA-verified for its insulin-potentiating action, in addition to being laboratory-verified for its active components. It's the only cinnamon extract that meets our stringent standards for quality, safety and effectiveness.

In the media, "cinnamon" has been reported to have remarkable pharmacological effects in the treatment of type II diabetes. However, the plant material used in the study (PMID 14633804) was actually cassia, as opposed to true cinnamon. Please refer to cassia's medicinal uses for more information about its health benefits.

Health benefits and risks

Cassia (called r
I'm glad you mentioned the herb was cassia so that people wanting  a medicinal plant to lower blood sugar, control  diabetes they know what to ingest.
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I don't believe in the cinnamon myth and have wondered if the media rode cinnamon in on the coat tail of oatmeal, which does reduce blood sugar.

I buy those individual oatmeal packets (prefer maple/brown sugar flavor) in a box.  Be sure the box says lowered sugar or weight control on it.

I go the added step of buying a bag of Golden FlaxseedMEAL, found in the flour/baking section of grocery stores.  NOT the seed, NOT the oil. (Golden is lacking in flavor and imo dark brown adds a negative flavor.)  

I tear open the oatmeal packet, pour it into a small bowl,  add 1 tbsp flaxseedmeal,  and then add enough water and microwave for one minute. When done and stirred, I sprinkle the surface with cinnamon (for flavor) and top with milk/cream.

Flaxseedmeal vacuums the blood. You WILL see a major reduction in glucose numbers (and cholesterol numbers) if you make this part of your/her daily routine.  

2mos of this back when I first learned of it hugely lowered my numbers-lower than the drugs drop them....
YSI,  truly love this very practical advice.  How is it going?  How are you doing in your neck of the woods?
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