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Sometimes little increase the sugar level with two /three days  and get the low level with he continue medicines So that will effect any kidney problems/heart problems?
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You're not getting any responses because of your poor grammar. Please re-write you question fully in understandable English, not broken sentences. I have reread your post three times and still can't understand what you are trying to say/ask.
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My blood sugar is fasting level =82 mgdl,Sometimes the sugar level is increasing  and have headache and depression. I mean the sugar level is going little higher as above the specified rate it will affect to the Kidney /heart deseas?
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When u say it is going up, when? after u eat, because that is normal, and 89 fasting is execelent. headache can be from low and high but higher than 200and lower that 70. U can't hurt your kidneys with blood sugars under 100. and won't effect your heart/kidneys.  How high does your go up?
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Thanks for reposting. It’s easier now to understand your question. Strawberri is correct in that you glucose levels look OK, but you did not disclose when you take your glucose measurements. Normally this is done before you eat, two to fours after you eat, and 10 to 12 hours after you have eaten or drunken any colored liquids. The latter is called fasting. During this time period you may consume only plain water - no sodas, diet or sport drinks.

Here is good link on hypoglycemia http://tinyurl.com/22ornr that covers
·  Hypoglycemia Overview
·  Hypoglycemia Causes
·  Hypoglycemia Symptoms
·  When to Seek Medical Care
·  Questions to Ask the Doctor
·  Exams and Tests
·  Hypoglycemia Treatment
·  Self-Care at Home
·  Medical Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus there are medical papers associating renal failure with hypoglycemia. I’m not a doctor and cannot say hypoglycemia can cause renal failure (kidney) but the potential is there. This slide program illustrates that http://edrv.endojournals.org/cgi/content/full/25/6/971/F2  Be forewarned its pretty heavy in medical terminology. To say "can't hurt your kidneys with blood sugars under 100. and won't effect your heart/kidneys." is not totaly true. Blood sugars below 70 are dangerous. Huge rises and lows (spikes) can be harmful too.

In regards to your headaches and depression that may be from many factors, one is your diet, the type of foods you’re eating. You need to see a doctor and have blood test run to determine if you’re a diabetic in waiting, your food allergies, and for medication to help your depression.
Good luck.
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