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Diabetes and itchy body

My husband is diabetic, type 2. He has a hard time sleeping because he moves around in bed all night. He says that his body feel sensitive and itches. He doesn't have allergies. Does it have something to do with Diabetes? If yes, what is it?
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Hard to tell from the information you have posted here.  It is possible that it is from Diabetes.  Neuropathy can cause these symptoms but it is usually concentrated in the extremities like feet and hands and usually feels more painful than itchy.
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My husband has the same problem and a Type 2 diabetic.  The skin on his legs and feet turn bright red and itch like crazy.  None of the doctors seem to know what causes it and typical topical ointments; i.e., cortisone, calamine, Benadryl do nothing except make the areas burn more.  Currently, when this happens, he is given an injection of Prednazone then a prescription capsule(s) for several days.  We'd also like to find out why this is happening.  It seems to be confined to his legs and feet only.
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I jus got diagnosed and my hands and feet really the whole body itches, but hands and feet the worse!  I have been using whole plain olive oil and that seems to help some.  I really gob it on though.
I got the big blisters on my hands that won't heal, and I keep putting bruises on myself from itching and don't know what to do about it.  I am embaressed to show them to my bf.
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Diabetes can definitely cause itching. My arms at times itch so bad I scratch them until I'm bleeding. Or on my hands, they will bleed beneath the skin. my PCP told me it was neuritis caused by the diabetes, and that it wasn't helped by steroids. Bood Luck, and get a long handled stick!
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i have type 2 diabetes and i itch all over. what can i use for the itch. i have strached sore on my legs and arms
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Itching is also related to liver, I`m suffering from gilbert's syndrome and i know how it feels, i would recomend to clean your liver, i e go for detox diet, it will take only 3-4 days and you will start feeling better

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Hi.  Not enough information here to know.
It could be related to liver, or it could be related to diabetic neuropathy.
What is his hba1c?  High blood sugars can cause damage to nerves and pain / itchy sensations.
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