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Do I Have Diabetes Type 2?

During a doctor visit took A1C test. Number was 6.3. Doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and put me on Metformin.  Three months later took another A1C, number went down to 5.7. three months after that took another A1C test, number was 5.3 and doctor took me off Metformin. Went back 3 more times after that every 3 month for testing. Number never went up pass 5.3. It's been 2 yrs now and number has never gone up. Every once in awhile I check my blood glucose level with my meter at home. First reading 1 hour after I eat and second reading 2 hours after I eat. First reading is usually lower than the second reading which is around 117. Second reading 2 hours after eating is usually around 130-132. This is after I eat carb laden foods i.e. bread, chips, peanut butter but doesn't include sweets i.e. ice cream or cake. Because those I just don't eat. So am I a diabetic or not?
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When you were diagnosed, did they do a fasting blood glucose?

To diagnose diabetes, your A1C has to be 6.5 or higher, or your fasting blood glucose (blood sugar) has to be equal to or greater than 126 mg/dl (7 mmol/l). This test has to be taken when you've fasted (not had anything to eat) for at least 8 hours.



Perhaps your A1C levels were at pre-diabetic levels, but your blood glucose levels were higher. It sounds like you've been doing really well, though, but you should talk to your doctor, though, because since it's already been high, you need to keep on top of it.

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your current numbers are not diabetic.  Your 2 hours post eating results are only slightly high.  

Seems that you are not currently diabetic.  Please continue to watch your diet (lower carb and avoiding sweets best), manage weight, stay physically active, and monitor a1c regularly.
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Your HbA1C is absolutely normal but why was it done? Were you told to have this test, first test is Blood Sugar both fasting and Postprandial which means 1/2 after breakfast. Do you have anyone in family with Diabetes?  Dad or mum? Do you have any symptoms? Extra thirst or hunger? These are important questions before your diagnosis
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No you are not Diabetic, wrong diagnosis first time and uselessly given Metheringham. Why was HbA1c done in first place?
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