Does anyone have any suggestions for beating Diabetes?

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I want to know what I can do to continue to fight Diabetes.   I really try to eat more green foods and fish.  I currently have an allergy to shellfish.
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Fighting diabetes is really straightforward, but it does take effort and planning.

1.  Low carb diet (diabetes is a condition where your body can't handle carbohydrates, sugars, starches properly, so the best way to help your body manage is to eat foods that contain minimal carbohydrates).
2. Lose weight if overweight.  Low carb diet can be helpful.
3. Exercise daily - ideally at least 30 minutes of cardio  exercise a day.  This could be a brisk walk morning and night if you are not into gym or other forms of exercise.
4. Medications if required and if 1 - 3 are not enough to normalize blood sugars.

Best wishes.
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Years ago, we found a lot of encouragement in a book called "Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Julian Whitaker.  More recently, the video "Forks Over Knives" has been challenging and helpful.
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Hi Super_sally888,
Great tips to fight with Diabetes 2.
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Super sally has given you great advice.  Have you been diagnosed with type 2 or just trying to prevent it?  Low carb seems to be the way to go and I guess it is a given to watch sugar.  
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You may want to try L-carnitine, it helps with blood circulation and blood glc control. If it’s familial, usually people end up getting it no matter their efforts of prolonging it. If you have it, do not give up hope, you can’t reverse it, but you can prevent the symptoms and comorbidities that go along with it.
For some resources plse go to:
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Losing weight is a great help. I have problems with dangerously low blood sugars, so my doctor wants me to each carbs and proteins together. Unfortunately this causes weight gain. I balance this by eating protein with vegetables and no carbs. About 90 minutes later I eat carbs and this helps to keep my sugar from dropping but not gaining weight. If I want carbs at a meal, then I eat carbs and veggies but no protein. Then I have some protein about 90 minutes later.
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