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Health insurance and Diabetes, Any barriers you face?

Diabetes is a chronic illness.  Dealing with insurance and medical professionals can  slower than what you want to get treated.  Do you think that sometimes the barriers that are in place via insurance companies hinders getting appropriate treatment?
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I was onces at a pre diabetic state,
I cut my carbs drastically & my
A1c. Dropped from 6.4 to 5.1
All within a month.
Diabetes does not have to be
Progressive like some say.
You are in control by your low
Carb food choices. Im living proof.

I'm thrilled that worked for you but am not sure that is going to be the case for everyone.  What kinds of foods do you eat regularly and what did you give up?
Its certainly worth a try.  I cut out grains, sugar, fructose, potatoes. I try to stick to under 25 gms of carbs a day. Some supplements that have helped are Berberine, chromium , apple cider vinegar in water.
I tried Metformin and had to stop due to
Horrible upset stomach.
Oh i forgot to say....i lost 23 pounds in 32 days.  Some of that was water weight im sure. But i do feel much better.
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Hi, Insurance can definitely affect access to health care, and even how doctors will manage patients.   Lack of insurance can also have big implications with regards to access to healthcare, choices of medication, access to technology, etc.
Right.  I was just wondering about any specific issues.  I know they can mandate which meds to take, how you test yourself, etc.  And how this can impact things and do people have any recourse?
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I have heard of many specific issues including no. of test strip issues, choice of meds, access to testing etc.
Getting around this can require a supportive doctor who may be able to appeal against the system, or accessing services outside of the insurance system.... for example test strips may be purchased privately often at less cost.

I live in a country where it is rare to have insurance and access to medical supplies is typically limited by cost.  I buy cheaper test strips from an on-line company at less than 1/2 the price from local drug stores.  With regards to insulin, I have no choice.... I just have to buy at the prevailing rate.
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