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High blood sugar!

I just found out that I'm pregnant, and my blood sugar is literally all over the place. One hour it will be 140, and the next hour it will be 240. I have another week until my endocrinologist appointment, and I am VERY NERVOUS. PLEASE HELP!? What can I do to keep it down until my Dr appointments? I'm limiting my carbs, and excercising. What else can i do?
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Those are good.  Personally, call the endo and tell them your numbers!  They may speed you in quicker.  Your higher end of your sugar readings are concerning and would in my opinion move you up in terms of care you need.  If they stay up at 240, I'd even consider going the emergency route.  Not to alarm you.  But your health is of utmost important here.  Another way to move around waiting is to call your ob and relay your numbers (the higher end). Are you on medication?
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I agree with special mum! Call your endo office telling them your numbers.  Alternatively, go to urgent care with a 240 number and you may get some immediate attention.   Bottom line you need insulin already.  Cut the carbs.  All carbs.  Stick just with meat, eggs, fish,  and green leafy veges.  It's really important to keep your sugar levels down. Drink plenty of water. Walking.

Please let us know what happens and how you go.
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