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How fast type 2 diabetes develops?

If i had normal blood sugar five years ago then is it possible i develop symptomatic type 2 diabetes within five years?
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What were your sugars 5 years ago?  You may have been prediabetic at that stage, and once prediabetic with no intervention, diabetes can progress fairly rapidly.

Yes, certainly it is possible to go from no diabetes at year 0 to symptomatic diabetes 5 years later.

Low carb diet, weight management, exercise, and medications would be combined for best management.

If you went from totally normal levels at year 0 to very high levels at year 5, it may also be wise to be tested for type 1 diabetes.  This can be adult onset as well.  Treatment for type 1 diabetes is always insulin (combined with diet and other lifestyle measures to help management).

Hope this is helpful for you.

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Type 2 diabetes usually has a slower onset and can often go undiagnosed. But many people do have symptoms like extreme thirst and frequent urination. Other signs include sores that won't heal, frequent infections (including vaginal infections in some women), and changes in vision. Some patients actually go to the doctor with symptoms resulting from the complications of diabetes, like tingling in the feet (neuropathy) or vision loss (retinopathy), without knowing they have the disease. This is why screening people at risk for diabetes is so important. The best way to avoid complications is to get blood glucose under control before
symptoms arise.

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