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I was diagnosed with Diabetes 14 years ago. I am getting weaker and more sick

50 years old female, diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and later on hypertension since 2004, has been on Insulin since then. Initially, she had gestational diabetes during her first pregnancy, in 2004 which resolved after delivery. Then again she had gestational diabetes during her second pregnancy in 2006. Three miscarriages later, she was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and started on Insulin.

She started having trouble with progressively worsening vision in both eyes for the last 2-3 years, more in the left eye.  Main complaints were of dark spots and blurry vision.  She's unable to recognize a persons face with her right eye closed.

She now complains of progressively worsening vision in both eyes for the last 2-3 years, more in the left eye. Main complaints are of dark spots and blurry vision. She's unable to recognize a persons face with her right eye closed.  She had 6 courses of Injection Avastin in both eyes and laser shots. Current situation is that right eye vision is 40% and left eye vision is only 10%.

There are some further things:

- Neck and Shoulder muscles are stiff

- One of the shoulders is frozen, not flexible to move

- Pigmentation of black & white patches all over the body even on the tongue

- small lumps in shoulders that hurt when touched

- Lumps in both foot, sometimes painful - below the ankle

- Fever started from last 3 months, it is very frequent now

- A lot of weakness, when she walks, she gets tired quickly and hard breathing.
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Hello, welcome to the diabetes type 2 forum.

Is this you or someone else you are describing? Sounds like this person if not you has been through a very rough time. Is she followed by a physician?  And does she also see an eye MD? I am wondering what their thoughts are on these symptoms.  Has she been diagnosed with diabetes retinopathy?  Here is some information regarding diabetes and eyes: https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diabetes-eye-problems#1 .  That article may help you determine what the issue is and what to ask the doctor about.  Vision problems with diabetes is not uncommon.  Is her diabetes controlled with medication, by the way?

Diabetes is more prone to cause white patches on skin rather than dark patches.  I would show the patches to your physician for advice as they may not be related to diabetes but still need action to be taken to make sure they are not an issue.

Muscle pain is also common, unfortunately, with diabetes.  Here is some information about that. https://www.medicinenet.com/can_diabetes_cause_muscle_pain/ask.htm. Sometimes lifestyle changes can very much help such as losing weight, regular exercise, etc.  

We wish you the best of health and our members are here to support you.
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Thank you for your answer. It is actually for my sister. We have been through a tough time handling the situation especially when the doctors in Pakistan have not gone through a systematic way of diagnosis other than the Diabetes itself. Every doctor would change the Insulin she is using claiming that the new Insulin would make things better and sometimes we will get back to the same Insulin we were using few months back, a strange medicine reference system where a doctor has to suggest a medicine from the Pharma company he is either in touch with or has probably some benefits attached with referring medicines from that company. After she developed the complications I mentioned, we went to so many doctors and finally one doctor suggested that it could be "Collagen Disorder" and he went for tests like ESR, ANA, ASMA, AMA, LFT, Detailed blood report. The reports showed that she lacks Vitamin D and also her platelets are not normal. Also ESR level was higher and the doctor (we met last week) has finally started treating her for Collagen disorder. We have been through so many tests and doctors here that we are confused if we have finally reached a proper diagnosis. That is why I started looking for online forums where I could seek advice from professionals around the world to have some satisfaction that we are on the right direction. I hope it clarifies the situation a bit.
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Hi.  Your sister is certainly having a hard time.

Has your sister been tested for type 1 diabetes, as it sounds like she could have an autoimmune condition?  This is also supported by the low vitamin D and the high ESR, along with the new diagnosis of collagen disorder.

Vitamin D can be safely supplemented to reach normal levels which can help with immune function.

Most important for the diabetes management is for y our sister to get normal blood sugar levels.  What is her Hba1c?  Normal should be < 5.0, though for a person with diabetes slightly higher may still be the best she can achieve.  This means target of keeping blood sugars between about 70/80 and 120 all the time as far as you can manage.

In my experience the best way to manage diabetes is with insulin and with very low carb diet.   I do not know if you are vegetarian, but this is still possible even if you are vegetarian.  Strongly suggest you/ check out Bernstein Diabetes University on Utube.  There are many lectures explaining how to adopt low carb diet and adjust medications to normalize blood sugar levels and thus to prevent (hopefully reverse) many of the complications your sister is now experiencing.
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Thank you.
Her Hba1c level is normal now and her diabetes sugar level is also better and stable (still not in normal range though but much better than before). Current issue is her problems with frozen shoulder and weakness. She is taking Vitae's D supplements suggested by the doctor now for more than 2 weeks. So far, we have not seen any improvements in her condition as she still gets tired too much with little walk. We are hoping that her situation gets better in 2 weeks time with supplements and medicine she is taking.
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Frozen shoulder can be side effect from diabetes ans requires physiotherapy.  What is her actual a1c? And typical blood sugar range. Sometimes what you are told is normal for a person with diabetes is not actually optimal for being really well.

Has your sisters thyroid been properly checked. Low thyroid is common in prople with diabetes and autoimmune conditions. If it has not been checked please be sure it is. They should check at least FT3, Ft4, TSH, and antibodies.

Have your sister do gentle exercise every day. At least walking and more if she can.
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Hi, thanks
Her platelets are not normal. The T tests are normal. She tries to spend as much time as she can in walking and keep moving. You are right. It all started with Diabetes but things are not good now. Treatment has started for Collagen disorder now as per doctor diagnosis. I hope things get better now.
Hope things get better for your sister with treatment.  Do your best to keep her blood sugars under good control and her spirit up.  Wish her well.  Let us know how the treatment goes.
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