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Is my edema a sign of neuropathy?

I just had prostate surgery last week and I had edema 3 days later in my left foot. I am diabetic not on insulin. I'm 52, and I think that the edema was just a result for me just sitting around. I went to the emergency room in response to requests from my surgeon. They did a sonogram of my legs to make sure that there was no blood clot. I also have a UTI. Even though it's nowhere near as bad because I have been more mobile, less sitting, more laying with my feet up, I still have edema on the front pads and smaller toes on my left foot. Is this something I should be concerned about at this time... Neuropathy?
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edema is not  related to neuropathy (nerve pain).  I would say the edema is related to your surgery.

If the edema is improving and is mild it may not be a big concern.  Keep up with the raising your feet when sittting and being mobile.

If it does not ressolve may be worth bringing up with your dr.

Good blood sugar control is also important to healing.  Keep your blood sugar as close to non-diabetic levels as possible (non diabetic levels are 70 - 120 range, all the time), with exercise, diet (lower carb works best), and medicatiions, if required.  
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This article may help you understand more about neuropathy symptoms and what you can do to prevent neuropathy from happening to you, even if you have diabetes.


Good luck with your recovery!
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