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Is this diabetes?

I am having a lot of random symptoms and would like some advice. I plan to see my doctor as soon as she can fit me in but am looking for some advice to what on earth these could mean. I have been very fatigued for a few months. This varies from mild to severe. I also get dizzy from time to time and have (and I am sure about this) quite a bit of kidney pain especially when my bladder is full. My urine is completely normal. I feel nauseous off and on and in just the last week have been having heart palpitations. The palpitations are random and quite quick. For just a few seconds my heart feels very floppy as if it is trying to pump and can't and then poof back to normal. I also shake sometimes right when I start eating. Other times about five minutes after I start eating I feel almost as if I were drunk.  I am asthmatic and have an inhaler I use on average once or twice a week. I am on birth control (sprinted). I take a vitamin d pill almost every day and usually a Claritin. I am not looking for a diagnosis just an idea of what path to look down. I am worried about my kidneys and have a bad family history with diabetes. Should I try to monitor my blood sugar or is this overboard. I am trying to get into my GP but she is booked. I just don't know of I am over concerned or if I should try to see a Dr. ASAP.
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Without BG test there is no way to tell if its diabetes or something life threatening now.   (diabetes is life threatening too but not as fast as a hart problem). With a palpitations. and  floppy hart.
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Definitely you should do some blood sugar monitoring - particularly with your family history and symptoms.  If you can get a kit and strips, monitor fasting blood glucose and then 1.5 - 2 hours after starting to eat.

If your numbers are high (>95 fasting, and >120 after eating) you should see a dr.

Your symptoms could also point towards thyroid problem.

In any case do get in with your Dr and get properly checked out (Diabetes - test FBS, HBa1c. Thyroid - TSH, FT3, FT4) as soon as you can.

Also get some general check.  This should include CBC, kidney and liver function tests.

Let us know how you go.
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For your own peace of mind I would get things checked out right away, that way you are able to get the actual facts of what is going on with your body which will save you the stress of worry and anticipation of trying to guess what may be wrong.  Make sure when you talk to your doctor's office you explain the symptoms you are having, at the very least they could get you in for some lab work and hopefully an appointment.  If they can’t fit you in, depending on where you live there may be an urgent care that could see you.  
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need to talk to a doctor to make sure it isnt something serious. i too need to do a test. i have been having pains under my left rib cage
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I would have a glucose test done. Some of you symptoms could point to a heart murmur. I have fluttering palpitations too and that's what I have.It's not dangerous, but something you should keep an eye on. Some of the symptoms could point to high or low blood pressure. You could go to a drug store and use the self-blood pressure check just to get a ballpark of where your at. I have been an insulin dependent, type 2 diabetic for over 15 years. I also have high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and anxiety. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'd be glad to give you the information your looking for (to the best of my knowledge), Good luck.
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