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Hi Im a 29 year old male who had insulin resistance. I had neuropathy that affect me greatly at 19 to the point I could not walk. When I turned 24 it came back and I've been dealing with it ever since. It has gotten so bad its affecting Urination and my bowls and its affecting my reflexes. I went to a neurologist and he says I have difficulty walking in tandem. My a1c is 5.3. Could this be diabetes. Im starting to lose hope
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Don't lose hope--perhaps a review of your medications and a thorough consultation with your doctor (or a new doctor) will help shed new light.  
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Hi Cole!

There have been cases of lack of control of blood sugars associated with neuropathy treatments. Though, your question is a tad confusing as you say you have insulin resistance, yet neuropathy at 19? Is the insulin resistance confirmed? Also, common signs and symptoms of diabetes are normally having episodes of hypo/hyperglycemia, lack of thirst control, slow wound healing, etc.

BUT, that being said... I agree with "Sassified1" in that a medication reconciliation is a solid idea as well. Changing your diet to control the amount of 'added sugar' you eat would be a good start to test the waters.
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