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Post Prandial?

So guys can you help me out with a bit of information, I had a CBC done about 3 weeks ago, I tested high for the sugar it was 112. and they put it was high, so today I had another test and it was 115 the technician said it was not diabetes, it was unstable.. sugar levels ,up and down,  but maybe keep an eye on it it was a fasting test, I have looked up online and I feel sick after I eating so I am thinking I have Post Prandial Hypoglycemia...now heres the crux....What is the best diet for me to be on, she did tell me I need to eat more and in truth I know I pick instead of eating well.Any thoughts for me would be great.Thanks ...
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if anyone sees this all is well I will ask on the expert/doctor forum
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I had issues with hypoglycemia for quite a while.  Then it turned and went to hyperglycemia.  Maybe you should have a glucose tolerance test done where you fast for ~12 hours, they draw blood, have you drink a sugary drink and test again.  Mine stayed at 239 after 3 hours.  Another test to ask your Dr. about is an A1C.  (I hope I put that right)  Anyhow it will give your blood sugar level over the previous 3 months.

As for Diabetic food...I found a great site:

Just look for the recipes that you need health wise.  You can find ones for diabetics, heart issues, gerd etc.

As for me I eat pretty healthy.  My problem is not eating often enough.  You really have to force yourself sometimes to eat 3 times a day.  I hope that helps you a little.

Hopefully someone else can answer better than I.  Just my two cents worth.  ;-)
Best of wishes;  Amy.
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Thank you I will google also go to the site you suggest..
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I apologize in advance if this double posts.
First the technician is partly correct. Your 112 mg/dl fasting level puts you into the prediabetes category.

Normal 70-99 mg/dl
Prediabtes 100-124 mg/dl
Diabetes Type 2 126 mg/dl and above

You can reverse your glucose levels now with a little lifestyle change. Once you hit 1265 mg/dl there is no turning back. Changing lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling type 2 diabetes. Here's a few tips: Restrict & avoid refined sugars, practice and adhere to weight control, do some sort of exercise daily, practice stress management, and get adequate sleep. These are all important in managing this illness, the most important, along with proper nutrition, is physical activity.

Besides watching sugar in your diet-- you also need to watch carbohydrates (starches) carefully too. For example-- things like breads, potatoes, pasta, crackers, etc. can cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar if you aren't careful. (They are converted to sugar after you eat them.) I recently discovered a brand of pasta that doesn't raise my glucose levels above normal levels. Dreamfields claims their mfg process removes most of the digestible carbs. You'll have to Google to find a store that sells this brand. In Calif, Safeway stocks them along with Whole Foods.

Other foods/drinks need care too (example- milk, fruit, fruit juice) can also cause blood sugar to rise (so serving sizes and moderation are important). I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed. What I AM saying is that you need to use care and follow the guidelines for diabetics.

If you have an endocrinologist (or a diabetes nurse, or a nutritionist)-- they can help you a lot with nutritional guidelines. (Serving sizes, and how many servings of each type food that's safe for you.) Internet recipes are bogus as most contain sugar or bad carbs. Learn and understand the Glycemic Index for healthy and nutritional foods.

If you don't have a home glucose test meter ask your doctor for one. Or do as I did, wait six weeks for a free Johnson & Johnson Ultra Mini (ranked #1 by Consumer Reports). However, you will need to resupply the lancets and test strips for J&J only supplies you with a 5-10 day supply. You need to test b4 meals and 2-3 hours after meals to see which foods spike your glucose and those that do not. https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/

Lastly, you pic shows you on cutter rigged foredeck. The other pic looks like she's a woodie and a nice blue water cruiser. Mine is named Aqua-Holic, more race than cruise.
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Oops, typo. "Once you hit 1265 mg/dl there is no turning back." Should read 126 mg/dl.
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Thanks guys ..the boat is a Hans Christian..41 ft...she is pretty heavy and we dont get out as much as we would like to ..we have always sailed in that pic we were on our way to Catalina ...I have realise that most of my woes are connected to this unstable sugar ..I ate too many carbs yesterday and felt unwell in the night and couldnt sleep much, I think I have had this coming for many years ,my Mom was a diabetic for years and my bro gets the same as I. It answers many questions I have been trying to research ,I thought I had Lyme /Lupus but its obviously ly unstable sugar levels.I think I get hives when I eat too much sugar. The doc didnt say it was pre but said keep an eye on it..so if it gets to 126 I will need tablets and would be 'Diabetic"  Thanks a lot for the input actually it makes me happy to have a diagnosis the worst thing is feeling ill and not knowing why ....
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PS Shall I eat more protein... I am not a great eater, they told me I should eat more ..
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Hi .. I agree with ME967. I was diagnosed in May, 2009. My fasting blood was 149 and my
A1C came back at 8.9.  I was feeling like you, unwell, fatigued, etc.  My Dr. and I decided to try diet first. In Oct. I had another A1C and my level dropped to 5.9.  Hurray !!  BUT, I am still diabetic and will have to follow the ADA diet forever or my sugar will fluctuate all over the place.  I have lost a lot of weight doing this, and the weight loss has helped my moods also.  I feel for you as willpower is not my favorite friend !!!
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See my response to you in Kelli58's thread
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Wanted to put an up date , the hives disappeared I found (by researching myself ) I was allergic to ,my house plants , Opuntia Microdasys, Bunny ears to you...Cactus, all this time that was the hives ...LOl I put the plants outside ,no touching like I used to , and lo and behold no rash ........
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