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What is the best way to lower A1C?

I was diagnosed 6 months ago and at that time my A1C was 7.7 and at this months follow up it was up to 9.9 so I'm just wondering what to think about all this and what I need to do. I'm 59 years old, about 50 pounds over weight, down about 21 lbs this year. I exercise daily and will need to work more on my diet. Just increased to 1,000 mg metformin in yesterday's appointment. I'm interested in what your thoughts are on the best way to get the numbers down. Thanks!
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Sadly, diabetes is a lifelong condition although it is still possible if people get a controlled diet and body weight, the diabetes is reversed.

I think the best way now is to stick with exercise and drugs.

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I've experienced this for yrs. One gentleman said. The doctor was stomped lol ..oh well stay tuned hopefully we will stay alive long enough to know the answer one day
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Dear erijon,
kindly increase your physical activity. atleast daily do physical activity minimum one hour.
other one is reduce carbohydrates in food. increase proteins.
hope this will help you
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From my experience, low carb diet.  A few years ago, I dropped my A1c from 10 to normal range, something like 5.9 took approx 6 months I believe, maybe a lil longer.  I even lost 70-80 lbs.    

At the time I was 310 lbs !!!!!!  Now, I'm 220 lbs.  Lil exercise.  I was always to tired to exercise.  I kept reading about low carb diet, so thought I'd give it a try.

Very difficult, cause I always felt as if I was starving.  Have a pic in my profile.  I monitored my carbs everyday.  I ate chicken/turkey soup & sandwich with salad every single day, 3 times a day for weeks to months.  Absolutely no sugar, none, zippo !!!!!!!!!!!

Occassionally, I'd eat something different, change of pace, but majority of the time, that was my meal plan.  

My health was more important to me, then what I ate.  If you decide to try, keep close monitor of your levels.  I've been in normal range ever since.  My meal plan is different now, but low carb diet worked wonders for me at the time.  Wishing you well.            
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Well I can tell you that low carb is the way to go, but no carb is do right dangerous. Sensible eating and exercise is the only way to control the diabetes without the use of insulin.

I am starting my 14th year of Type 2. I have read a lot of books on curing and reversing diabetes but have found nothing that will do that.

I have changed my diet and decreased my portions to the point I feel like i am starving. However; my doctor has told me that is why I need to eat a little bit every two hours.

I hope it works this time. My motivator are the two deaths we had in our family over the last two months one just before Thanksgiving and the second just before Christmas.

Both were brought on by complications form diabetes. Both died from sepsis brought on by kidney failure due to long term use of the medications.

I an 55 and I want to get off the meds too. I am going to have to be diligent and strong to pull this off but i am starting today.
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No smoking, drinking, NO white bread, rice, noodles (are the worst), limit all other carbs and no extra sugar.

For example when I want a sugar drink I make a pitcher of Crystal Light because it doesn't taste like diet. For desert I take a regular ice cream cone put canned whipped creme in it and add some blueberries both give your mind the sugar it thinks it needs. When I want noodles, most grocery stores have a variety of tofu noodles like spaghetti and broad noodles.They give you the feeling of eating pasta and if you simmer them long enough they can taste pretty good, although they are a bit rubbery. When I want rice I use brown rice. If you wash it a lot before cooking it will come out with the same texture as white rice.A lot of vegetables are good but stay away from peas.Asparagus is good at keeping diabetes at bay. Beans are a good source of fiber but in moderation.Fruits that end in berry are the best but Apples and Oranges are the worst.

Get yourself a Diabetic like the Complete and Up--Date CARB BOOK on Amazon but anyone with all the counts will work.  

I wrote the steps in the order I think they were the easiest for me. I quit smoking with helped with the drinking and so on. I take my Blood sugar in the morning and when I come home from work. I try to eat as early as possible in the evening. I have decreased my daily BS over 100 points on average and I feel a lot better and certainly and I'm alot healthier. I only take 1000 MG's of Metphormin, Metphormin only helps to control the spikes not lower your BS.

If you want to lower your Cholesterol significantly take a tablespoon of fiber with the grit in it. It works. I've done it and even my doctor was surprised. I hadn't changed anything else but that so I know that's how I decreased it. With all the other changes above you will lower it even further.

Good Luck and if you fail do it again.
My endo told me brown rice is okay.  In my Glycemic index book  brown rice's GI is 50.   Most any food with a GI 50 or lower is okay for most people with disabetes. However I would check with your endo or primary to be certain.
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Following your type 1 or type 2 diabetes management plan can help lower your HbA1c test level. This may consist of

Dietary modifications
Physical activity
Combination of these

A normal or only slightly elevated HbA1c test level is an indication that your diabetes is under good control. If your HbA1c test level remains high despite following your treatment plan, your doctor may suggest changing your treatment plan.
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get a calorie counting account and monitor your levels of fats, sugars and carbohydrates...keep low
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All you have to do is keep excersizing an stay away from white rice an noodles as they become singer once it's processed eat only low to none suger an low to none carbs to keep from gaining weight an most of all lots of protein, I did this for a year an became a 5.4 like a normal person also kept up the rite eating to ware I didn't have to take the metformin anymore. Blood pressure was good an cholesterol was normal also stopped takeing those pills too.  Sad to say thoe got a gf now an fell back in my eating rite an now I have to start takeing metformin once again.
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Metformin, exercise and follow the Glycemic index of foods (low to some medium). Good luck!
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Thanks for the help folks. Just an update, I stepped away for a while to concentrate on my health and went on strict sugar abstinence and low car diet. In a year I've lost 75 lbs and my A1C is back down to 5.6. For anyone thinking the task is impossible I can assure you it is not. It's difficult but once you get past the first few weeks it does get better, I assure you!
That's great news! I walk a lot, eliminated sugars, take 500mg metformin daily and follow the glycemic index but my A1C is still about 6.4% - - gotta keep working on it.
What a great update!  Congratulations on taking control of your health.  And coming back to encourage others to do the same!
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That is fantastic news!! Congrats on the weight loss and A1C reduction!!

I would be curious, though, to know how low carb long term affects overall health.  Have you noticed any other issues?  
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Measure and control you blood glucose levels every 3 months
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exercise, water and medication
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Excercise and limit carbs.
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Everyone with diabetes (both types) are individuals.  So there is no one way to lower one's A1C.    Any medication for virtually any medical disorder is usually hit or miss.  That is one is tried until one works.    You need to cooperate with your health practioner so  he or she can find the best med to lower your A1C. Its basically trial and error.  Hope you find right med(s)
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