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need some help

its my understanding that a lot of people with type 2 diabetes don't even know they have diabetes ... Ive been having some weird symptoms lately and I don't know where there coming from . ive been feeling very weak for some weird reason ive still been eating so I don't understand why I feel so weak ive also been thirsty all the time to the point were I keep a drink with me at all times I also have been noticing that I keep getting a numbness feeling in my finger tips that comes on fast and out of nowhere but then leaves as soon as it comes on its almost like a flicker of numbness . also I cant keep any weight on ive been drinking protein shakes constantly for like 3 weeks and has barley done nothing I will gain weight but then suddenly loose it . for like 6 months now ive been having bubbles in my urine and I though it could be from all the protein shakes ive been drinking but its been doing that sence before I was even drinking the shakes could this be diabetes
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bubbles in your urine can be from sugar.  your body's way of getting rid of excess sugar.

since diabetes is abnormally high sugar in your blood the ONLY way to tell if you have diabetes with blood work

find out, diabetes is controlable.
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You need to see your doctor have the OGTT test run, and an A1C, your symptoms DO point to Type 2 Diabetes, but without the blood work, it is hard to be positive.
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Please see a doctor as soon as possible for the testing as mentioned above.  If you do have diabetes, from your syptoms it is a possibility, it is really important to get this looked at asap.

YOu may be better off stopping the protein drinks and avoiding all sugars.  Low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet is the best proven tool for helping to control blood sugars.

Please see a doctor asap for testing. come back and let us know how you go.
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