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novalog and lantus pens

I have always been under the impression that insulin should always be refrigerated. I am seeing a patient that receives lantus QD and Novalog TID. she does not keep the pens that are being used, refrigerated, only the unused ones. Although even though they are not kept refrigerated, they do seem to keep her blood sugars under control. I wonder though if they were refrigerated would that make a big difference? I will call her physician if necessary. I only see her  once a week, another nurse sees her the other 6 days. Since I am new with her, I don't want to start a problem but on the other hand, I don't want to do anything wrong either.
in advance
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It is acceptable and even normal practice that insulin pens that are being used do not need to be refrigerated.  

However, they should be kept in ambient room temperature (refrigerator is still acceptable if the climate is very hot), and they should not be left in a hot place like a car, or in sunlight etc.

Pens that are not yet opened should be kept refrigerated.

I never refrigerate my open insulin (they get carried around in my handbag until they are used up, which is typically for anywhere between 2 - 5 weeks.

Hope this will be helpful for you.

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For me if I were to refridgerate my pens that I was using the insulin burns when being injected.  My drs always told me to keep the pen im using out
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suppersally and boothang are correct
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