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so confused about when to test.... please help..

hi everyone... i hope htat someone here can help me out with this.. as everything i read online is very confusing....
I am 37, 135 pounds.. 5'2... i am losing weight... but i dont think thats whats causing my blood sugar to do this..

i havent eaten all day... so i checked my blood sugar.. i have  been using a machine i bought for my daughter.. when they thought that she was having some issues.. shes ok ...
anyway.. i checked my blood sugar.. and it was 97... keep in mind i have not eaten all day.. and i checked my BG at about 5 pm.  this has been going on for some time.. i do notice a drop after.. but i have NEVER had my levels go that high after eating.. NEVER... they keep getting higher and higher...used ot be fasting about 75....

well. i ate dinner... and it shot up to 167... i took it about 30 minutes after i ate...

when i went to the doctors.. and i had a physical.. my fasting BG was 114.....

i don tknow of any family history of diabetes.... except geriatric..

should i be worried? is testing a half hour after eating wrong wrong? can it indicated a problem?

what should it go down to in 2 hours?

ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated...
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The expected glucose range for a non-diabetic non-pregnant fasting adult is 74-106.  One to two hours after meals,levels should beless than 160 according to WHO guidlines.
You should test when you first get up in the morning then two hours after you eat breakfast.  Then before and after meals and before bed to get a good idea of what your blood sugar is doing throught the day for a couple of days at least.  Plus write down what you eat and when when testing.  Example if you start eatting between 7-7:30 you would check at 9-9:15.  I hope this helps
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Before you become distraught over your home test results, keep in mind Consumer Reports found ONLY one home glucose test meter providing consistent accurate results. Others failed or were off by some degree. This is the Johnson&Johnson OneTouch Ultra Mini. You can obtain a free one here https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/  Instructions are included with the kit.

Until you obtain and test with a known accurate meter I wouldn't trust the results.

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There is a slight, normal margin of expected error in all of them.  There is no "one" true blood glucose result from any meter.  They can all vary by a few points.

As Amberelise said, check when fasting for a few days, and 2 hours after meals for a few days.  Write down what you eat.  Be sure you are avoiding very high sugar drinks and fruit juice, and they will wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels.

If you are truly worried, your doctor can order some simple tests to see if you have a problem.

Good luck,

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hey there.. just wanted to say thankyou for those who responded...

i checked my glucose about an hour and change after i ate... and it went down to 120...

doesnt that mean that everything is doing what it should?

i can remember with much clarity that abotu 4 years ago.. my blood sugar was around 85 before i ate.. and about 97 after...

now its abotu 97 before i eat.. and 160 after.. then drops to abotu 120 about an hour and change after.

should i see my doc about this?   is this due to aging?  any advice again would be greatly appreciated...

thanks again!
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Are you a diabetic?

if not why are you test ing your blood??

if you think you are get a test by your doctor this isn't something to take likely.
i know i do have it and I think it is damm serious.

Let someone with a problem  get answerers stop looking for a problem that isn't there

what makes you think you are a  diabetic?

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The 97 reading prior to eating and the120 one hour after eating appears to be normal. Continue to check your glucose prior to eating and 2 and 4 hours after eating. This is when glucose peaks. Be sure to keep a log of what you're consuming to understand which foods may spike your glucose level.

I would suggest that you see your doctor and get an A1c test performed. This is a simple blood test that measures your glucose over the past three months. Why? New red blood cells live an average of three months. Excess glucose binds to these new cells and this test captures that. Doctors use this test to determine whether you are diabetic or close to becoming one. Your results will be presented in % (percentage) where <6% (lower than) is considered good/normal. You can read about the A1c (HbA1c, HgbA1c) test here http://tinyurl.com/2gjspf . Good luck.
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to storisea... i DO have a problem.. ok ? do not assume that i have no problem.. and that i should not ask questions.. when this is a forum for all who have diabetic concerns.

i went to my doctor again.. and he will br perfoming several tests to find out why  my results are those that SHOULD be looked into. pardon me for asking those who have or who do know others who are going through beign diagnosed.. those who have it.. ect ect.

i have not been able to control my weight.. even though i eat correctly.. and exercise.. so.. along with the normal tests that goes along with checking my sugar levels.. and all that entails it.. i am getting some other tests as well.
my doctor has told me that while i am not considered a diabetic.. i need to be cautious because my levels are beginning to rise.. to a level that would be considered diabetic.. he went back 3 years .. and compared...

anyway.. THANKYOu to those who were helpful and gave advice... i really appreciate it.!
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STORISEA No need to be mean!  People who are NOT diabetic are allowed to worry about their health, too.  It IS serious and everyone should be aware of thier health and how their body processes food.  Honestly, if she is checking her sugars its becuase her gut is telling her something IS wrong or she doesn't feel good.  Its completely logical.  AND her sugars are higher than average.  So maybe she IS diabetic.  Be kind to others looking for help!  I always tell my kids "BE KIND OR BE QUIET."  
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