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Can insulin trigger heart attacks in young adults?

Our (Type 1) juvenile diabetic 25 year old athletic marathon running/bike riding daughter with good sugar and cholestrol levels most of her life had a massive heart attack recently.  Has anyone studied the effects of "insulin" in young adults to see if there is any correlation between insulin and heart attacks in young adults?
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Never heard of insulin causing hart attacks.  We do know with insulin a T1 will die.
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STOP THE PRESSES   I made a BIG TYPO  should read

"We do know WITHOUT insulin a T1 will die. "

cant find a link to edit my post.
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high intensity exercise (such as marathon etc) is not necessarily preventative for heart attach.

Has she always had such good control?  Was her HDL cholesterol low?

There may be other factors contributing to heart attack, particularly one occurring in such a young person?  Maybe something congenital?

Insulin is 100% necessary to a type 1 diabetic.  I doubt it was the insulin.  
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