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Do I have hypoglycemia?

I have noticed that if I have not had anything to eat that I will get dizzy, sweaty, and short of breath. I passed out in the shower a few weeks ago, and I really think it was because I had not had anything to eat that day.
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That definitely sounds to be low blood sugar.  Most people WILL get low blood sugar after an extended period of not eating.  Some get it upon waking in the morning.  Food is the cure.  :>)  Try to predict and eat small meals or snacks regularly to counter these episodes.  good luck
Thank you for answering me!
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Hi.  This does sound like hypoglycemia.  It will be best if you can actually check your blood sugar during one of these episodes (or even during longer period of not eating) to see if your sugars are going low.  Normal blood sugars are typically in the range of about 70 - 90 all the time.   Quality blood sugar meter and strips can be bought quite cheaply at wallmart, I understand (I am not in US).

If you do find that your blood sugar is going low, it will be a good idea to get this evaluated.  This is because hypoglycemia can also be an early sign of developing diabetes.  It would be ideal that they check your hba1c (3 month average blood sugars), and perhaps consider doing a glucose tolerance test, ideally testing both glucose and insulin levels.  

In the meantime, management should be regular meals (avoid going too long without eating) that provide plenty of protein and healthy fats (to help hold blood sugar levels stable) along with some complex carbs.  

Eating a lot of sugary or processed foods can make the situation worse because the high sugar intake will result in correspondingly high insulin levels, which can also then result in rebound hypoglycemia.

Hope this helps.
I am going to talk to my doctor about this the next time I see him.
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I think that is a good idea. There are ways to work on this and when my blood sugar drops, it feels really lousy.  So, please tell us what your doctor says.

Do you want some pointers from us too?
I would love some pointers!
I would love some pointers!
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Hello, sorry to leave you hanging.  So, treating hypoglycemia or low blood sugar or should I say tips for controlling it.

First, let me say that mild low blood sugar from time to time happens, but you should also make sure to have blood work from your doctor to make sure you do NOT have diabetes.  That's essential. And keep a little log of when it happens and what you did or did not eat prior so you have a history.

First, small but frequent meals. Don't skip a meal and add in regular snack time.  That's important to do.  If weight control is something you worry about, a health snack is just fine and small amounts of food work for keeping low blood sugar UP.

Keep your diet such that it is not full of simple sugars.
Eating a snack before bed time that has protein is helpful.  That is BEFORE bed.

I found that when I get low blood sugar, it is usually midmorning.  I tracked it and I now know, I have to have a snack around 10 am.  Look for those types of patterns.  
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It is exactly what hypoglycemia sounds like indeed! Good thing that you know what's the cause already, but make sure to eat complex sugars (fruits, etc.) rather than simple sugars (soft drinks, etc.)!
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