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Glucose Tolerance Test & Gestational Diabetes

I am 30 weeks pregnant and took the 3 hour GTT last week.  I was told by my doctor's nurse that I "passed with flying colors", in addition to the nurse at the hospital where I took the test telling me I passed.  When I saw my OB this week, he said he wanted me to see a dietician and follow a gestational diabetes diet anyway.  His reasoning is that I was on "the high end of normal" for my fasting glucose.  Apparently, they want it at 95 or lower and mine was 98.  My levels at 1,2, and 3 hours were well within normal limits.  It was my understanding that you needed "abnormal" readings in 2 or more of the blood draws.  According to some people I have talked to (some in the medical field and some not) 98 is somewhat high, but still in a normal range of being below 100 and not enough to warrant monitoring my glucose or changing my diet.  I have battled extreme nausea & vomiting throughout my pregnancy and have lost 12 pounds.  I am also vegetarian.  Of course I want to keep my baby safe, but am skeptical of why I need to go on a diet (a diet that some of my friends are on and doing terribly on because of all the restrictions)  where I can't eat many of the things I depend on as a vegetarian, when only one of my #'s was slightly elevated.  Doc said he understood, but just wanted to give me the option of going to the dietician.  I declined, with an agreement that if I start spilling glucose in my urine, I would go.  I also ordered my own meter, to check my fasting levels for the next week or so, with the intention of reporting them to my OB if they are continuously on the high end.  Am I being unreasonable?  NO ONE agrees with my OB and no one understands how he considers me a diabetic when it doesn't match the way everyone else scores the test.  Thoughts??  Thank you so much!!
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