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Hypoglycemia & Diabetes

I have been having hypoglycemia moments. Which that is odd. They have been coming about for the last couple of years. No, I don't eat breakfast (unless I'm in the mood--which is rare). I don't eat until around 12pm-3pm. When I do it? Its small & a healthy meal. I'm not big on sweets and/or foods containing a lot of sugar? Another thing I notice? I stay so thristy all the time & I have the dry mouth as well. So I was thinking maybe I am an diabetic? Cause those are two of the signs. My doctor checked me for it an year or two ago? I don't have diabetes! But, I'm still have the same issuses! Smh!
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In addition to my post? Both of my mothers parents were diabetics. Also, my mother is one herself.
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Get tested again!
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