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Is counting carbs important to preventing diabetes?

I'm wondering about this topic.  Does counting your carbs help prevent diabetes?  An essential thing to do if you are worried about diabetes?  What are the best ways to do this?
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If you consider that diabetes is a problem with insulin and carbohydrate metabolism, then it makes perfect sense that not just counting carbs, but actively limiting carbs will be very important in management.

It used to be that type 2 diabetes was considered a progressive disease.  However, it is now known that type 2 diabetes can be reversible for many people if they change their diet to strictly limit carbs.   Limiting carbs also makes type 1 diabetes much easier and safer to manage (smaller doses of insulin mean less risks of low blood sugars).

How limited?  It depends on personal tolerance.  But definitely carbs will be limited to less than 25% of total daily energy.  If you were eating 1600 calories a day, this means that 400 calories would come from carbs = 100 g of carbs total.  However, people who strictly follow low carb typically limit carbs to 30 g / day or even 20 g /day.   This means cutting out grains, starchy vegetables, sweet fruits and sugars.  

Non-starchy veges, meat, dairy, nuts are all on the menu and can provide a very satisfying way of eating.

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Thanks for that information.  I guess I had not considered the carbohydrate component to diabetes.  Knowing that a lower body weight helps with diabetes and diabetes prevention, had thought cutting carbs was related to that.  But this makes it even more appealing to look into carb cutting (hard for me.)
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Am glad that comment helped you.  How are you going with your diabetes management?

I find that finding some low carb treats that I can enjoy helps a lot with sticking with the plan.  My weakness is actually chocolate.  So, I buy the very dark chocolate (around 85% cocoa or higher).  This is so rich and satisfying that just 1 piece is usually enough.    There are plenty of great recipes for low carb foods these days.  For example, instead of having spaghetti and meat sauce, I have spiralized zucchini with meat sauce.  My kids don't like zucchini, but they sure like "green spaghetti"; and sometimes we make orange spaghetti by spiralizing carrots.  :)

I have been eating low carb (more or less strictly) for the past 10 years.  It really does make diabetes management so much easier, because by eating less carbs I need less insulin.  I also have more stable blood sugars (avoiding highs and lows) and need far less medication (savings all around, and much safer).
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Make sure not to fall into hypoglycemia state.

If I'd be you I would rather eat quality carbs WITH fibers (fruits, vegetables, etc.) while avoiding simple sugars like soft drinks, energy drinks, sugared coffee, candies, fruit juices, etc. I struggle a lot with the coffee and energy drink thing but I found one that contains no sugar, which is pretty nice.

So yes, cut carbs, but only the bad guys!
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However, a mounting figure of authorities believe people with diabetes should intake far fewer carb than this. In fact, many praise fewer carbs per day than what the ADA allows per meal.
Studies recommend that certain higher-carb foods may be operative for diabetes management. However, study associating these regimes to low-carb supplies is needed.
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I have always found that the less carbs, the better the blood sugar readings. I have to watch my carb intake, when I don't, my sugar gets fairly high, but in two hours or so, it goes down to normal.
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