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Ketones in urine.

I decided to make a blood and urine analysis after a long 5 hour flight.
And in my urine was found Ketones.
My blood sugar is 83.
Ketones 1+

When i went to the lab the doctor told that i am extremely dehydrated and need to drink a lot of water.
I had a 5 hour flight and i didn`t eat anything until 4PM and drink probably only 1 glass of water.

Can this affect on amount of Ketons?
Because i made one urine analysis couple days before flight. And doctor told that everything is fine.

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Tested my blood sugar it is fine.
I used test which take glucose level for past one month period. The result was 4.5
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ketone level of 1+ is not very high,  though it is detectable.  The fact that your blood sugar is totally normal at 83 means that  the ketones you saw are from what is known as 'nutritional or metabolic ketosis'.  This is not dangerous, in fact it is normal and a healthy response of the body to fasting, or to eating high fat low carb meals.

When you fly be sure to drink plenty of water.  Flying, with the dry air, is very dehydrating.

Best wishes
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