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Prediabetes or not

Good day to you

I did several blood sugar test yesterday and today. Last night 5 minutes after supper my blood sugar was 144. What I ate last night was sweetened bacon, 2 cups of rice, and coke.

This morning I did a test again before eating anything and it was 104. From my research it says that prediabetes is between 100 and 120 for fasting blood sugar. To confirm that I had prediabetes, I did another test 2 hours after I ate my lunch which is rice and chicken. The result was 100 and according to all articles that I read, people with prediabetes should have 140 and up. Now I'm confused, do I really have prediabetes?

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Have you seen a doctor about your pre-diabetes concerns?  Is there a reason that you are starting to worry about pre-diabetes, any symptoms?  A few of your numbers are slightly high- you did have a pretty high carb dinner too.  Have you had any testing for diabetes done at your doctor?  
Well I just had a random test. I searched for what a 144 after meal result would mean and it took me to this prediabetes subject. The last test I made was two weeks ago and it was pretty normal. I think I got 83 last week. As far as I know, I don't experience any symptoms of prediabetes,  I get myself hydrated and I don't feel thirsty all the time. Maybe it's because of what I ate last night that's causing this? but if that's the case then my sugar level should be much lower than 100 like 2 weeks ago. Yeah I think I need to see a doctor. I was just hoping that I could get an immediate answer to this. Thank you for your help purple1234567, I really appreciate it.
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Your numbers were slightly high, but not alarming, particularly considering you had just eaten a very high carb meal.

At this point it seems you do not need to worry too much about diabetes.

However, your diet could be modified to include less carbs (more focus on veges and some fruits, than sweets and high carb foods such as rice), which will be beneficial for your overall health.

If you want to check you can ask your doctor to check hba1c, which is a test that tells you your average blood sugar for the past 3 months.  Less than 5.0 is totally normal, 5.7 - 6.5 is prediabetic, > 6.5 is diabetic.   You can repeat this test annually and this will let you be reassured if your numbers stay stable, or give you early warning if your numbers start getting too high.  
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