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I've been pre diabetic for the last several years. I recently had a fasting glucose test and it showed my blood sugar was 142.. which is basically the diabetic range, I redid the test the next week and I dropped back down to 118 the prediabetic range. I've never spiked to the diabetic range until that day. Could lack of sleep and stress maybe have spiked the glucose that high?

Also I asked my doc if there were any meds I can be put on for prevention sakes, and he said no because then he said I would have to check my blood sugar and treat myself as if I was a diabetic. Is this true or are there any prediabetics out there that are on meds? Although I do realize exercise and dietary changes are the most beneficial. Looking forward to hearing about your stories.
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Since the level of BG needed to DX diabetes is arbitrary and has been going down over the years many believe there is no difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes.

yes, stress can raise BG...  however a non diabetic would not have high BG even under stress.  

So your BG control system is not 100%

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Have you done a hba1c test?  This test gives an average 3 month blood sugar level.  Normal level is less than 5.0.   Suggest you get this test done as soon as possible.

Your doctor is wrong to refuse to treat you.  Untreated prediabetes always progresses to diabetes.   It is easier treated earlier than later.   And complications will collect.

Suggest you get your own meter and test what is happening 2 hours after eating.  Normal should be less than 120.

Test fasting every day, or every second day to get a better picture.

You could also look into changing your eating habits.  Type 2 diabetes often responds very well to restricting carbohydrates / adopting a low carb or ketogenic type eating approach.

Exercise and normalizing body weight, if overweight, are also beneficial.

Hi Sally, my fasting glucose readings have bounced around in the pre-diabetic range for the past several years, with the highest being 126, I think.  I've had several A1c tests, with results ranging from 5.5 to 5.9.  My doctors (both primary and endocrinologist) have said these results are okay and don't require treatment of any kind.

I've tried controlling glucose levels with diet and exercise - sometimes it works, sometimes not.  

Actual insulin levels have always been low normal and I wondered if that's because I'm not really producing enough, especially, when glucose levels are above range. I know low insulin levels are good, but when is low, too low?

I've had weight and fatigue issues for 10 years that were, originally, put down to hypothyroidism, but in the past 3-4 years, have been attributed to insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome.

On my latest visit to my pcp, he ordered a Glucose Tolerance Test, which I spent 4 hours at the lab on Tues, having done.  I don't have results yet, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out, but I do expect it to be normal again...
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