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Sugar testing

I am 43yrs old man. Today I have done my blood sugar test by a testing machine after 3 hrs of eating. The result is 112 ml/dl .
     Is this result is normal ?
     Is this time 3 hrs wrong ?
I am waiting for your valuable reply.
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Hello.  I'm unclear exactly what you are asking.  You tested your blood sugar 3 hours after you ate?  Or you ate for three hours and then tested? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Here is a general article regarding when and how to test for blood sugar that may help you: https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/guide/how-test-blood-glucose#1

Here is some information also about normal sugar levels.  112 is higher than what it should be so please consult your doctor if this continues. http://diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/treatment-and-care/blood-glucose-control/checking-your-blood-glucose.html

And here is a really helpful slide show about stopping diabetes before it starts in terms of prevention. https://www.medhelp.org/diabetes/slideshows/Stop-Diabetes-Before-It-Starts/373

We wish you the best.
Thanks for your information.   Actually I tested  my blood sugar 3 hours after  ate.  I am not diagnosed as diabetes till today, but I am awared that my blood sugar level may increase in this my age because of my  bad eating habits like sweet, meat, rice , alcohol drinking etc.  That's why I am testing my blood sugar level regularly. I want to know whether testing after 3hrs ate is perfect or not.
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your result of 112 3 hours after eating is not abnormal, particularly if you ate high carb meal.
If you are concerned about your health it will be recommended that you cut your sugar intake and minimize processed carbs.  The healthiest diet is one mostly comprised of unprocessed foods; meats, eggs, veges, some fruits.  Alcohol should be taken in moderation.

Seems that you know what you need to do.  It will be up to you to do this.
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ths usual times to check blood sugar are fasting. Optimal level is in the 80s, but ‹95 is truely ok. >125 is diabetic.  Other time is 2 hours after starting to eat. Optimal in this case is also <95, but  180 2 hrs after rating is considered diabetic.

If you suspect you are at risk, for health, cut added sugars from your diet and reduce intake of processed foods.

If you are diabetic, then low carb diet and meds, if necessary, is typically effective approach.

Thank you very much for your informations. Yesterday I tested my blood sugar  and found that the fasting result is 117 mg/dL and after 2hrs meal ate is 153 mg/dL.
    Now I am in fear and tension, am I going to diagnosed as diabetic ?
  Please send your reply and suggestions..
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My first question to you is what did you eat at your meal?
153 is a bit higher than is ideal (ideal is < 120 2 hours after eating), but it is not necessarily enough to get upset about, particularly if your meal was high carb.

Type 2 diabetes is typically well manageable by reducing carbohydrate intake (particularly rice, breads, sweet carbs, desserts, sweetened drinks, processed foods, fruits) and increasing protein, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats to take their place.

Please give some more information so better guidance may be given.

Thank you....
      I ate bread with vegetable on that day morning before my blood sugar testing. My one bad habit is drinking alcohol everyday evening with snacks, processed meat etc.
       I want to say you another information is that the battery of the blood sugar testing machine was  on low condition.
Please give your suggestion, guidance..
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Hi Bhaity,

My suggestion is to replace the battery on your blood sugar testing machine, and to modify your diet to eat less carbs and sugars and control how much alcohol and snacks you consume.   This should go a long way towards helping blood sugar and your overall health.

You could also see your Dr. for a checkup so you can assess your baseline health condition.

Thank you very much....
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