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What is Metabolic syndrome?
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When someone who has diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity and especially a lot of weight around the belly, this is called Metabolic Syndrome.  You may or may not have high levels of bad cholesterol.

Metabolic Syndrome puts a person at a greater risk of getting heart disease, stroke and other conditions affecting blood vessels.  

Eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and veg, lean meat and fish.  Drink plenty of fluids - 2 litres of water is usually recommended, more if you sweat a log.  

Cut out or cut down on all sugary, processed and junk foods, as well as fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Be more active.

If you are overweight, try and lose weight and also control your sugar levels if you are already glucose intolerant, pre diabetic or have diabetes.

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I have a different take than jemma

According to Mayo Clinic "Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist *and* abnormal cholesterol levels"

also the truth is coming out about fats... they are good for you.

its not "sugary, processed and junk foods, as well as fizzy drinks and alcohol"  thats the problem  Its CARBOHYDRATES sugar is a carb.
People who eat  HCLF (High Fat Low Carb) have better lipid panels than the low fat diet people.
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diabetes86, it is exactly what I wrote, but worded differently.

You are right sugar is a carb, but it is classed as a "simple carb".  The sugary foods that I am referring to, are the simple sugary carbs like cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates (I suppose that could be classed as a fat too) - the refined foods that have no fibre.

The body does need some fat for good health and the good fats are in nuts, avocado pear, olive oil and fish.  There are good and bad fats and fats that are in between.  I thought that coconut oil was a good fat, but it turns out to be a trans fat.  The trans fats are the ones that can clog up the arteries and these are the fats that are meat based as well as butter.
Coconut oil is the only fat that does not change its composition when heated.

I was diagnosed as having Metabolic Syndrome in November 2014 by the rheumatologist - my cholesterol levels are and have always been fine.  I do eat a lot of fruit though (but not bananas).
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Hi Jemma,

Coconut oil is not a transfat.  It is a saturated fat.  The type of fat in coconut, particularly if you  use the unprocessed virgin type, is very good for cooking (it is stable and doesn't change), has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is also delicious in baked goods.  Meat and butter and not transfats.  They are saturated fats.  

Transfats are primarily man-made (though they may occur in very small amounts in some natural foods), and they are made by hydrogenating fats.

Fruits also contain simple sugars.  Fructose.  Fructose, even in it's natural form, and particularly in it's processed form of High Fructose Corn Syrup, should still be strictly limited in people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  Fruit, due to it's sugars, will also make it harder to control your diabetes.  Every nutrient in fruit can also be found in vegetables.  So the ideal diet contains lots of non-starchy vegetables and salad vegetables (excluding corn, and potato, which contain a lot of sugars - complex carbs, but still break down to sugar).

The best diet for a person with diabetes is low carb, moderate protein and high (healthy) fats.  Healthy fats are those that are naturally occurring and 'traditional' / unprocessed and primarily include animal fats, nut oils, butter etc.  Vegetable oils are considered unhealthy.  

Cooking method is still important and slow lower temperature cooking is better than frying.

You could google Weston price foundation - if you want a starting point to learn about the b enefits of fat.
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Thank you Super_sally.  I was thinking whether to check my fat list and it looks like I should have done :)

I will look at the Weston price foundation web site out of curiosity.  I do know about the fats, not long finished a 12 week session on foods, fats, food labelling, sugar, portion sizes etc.  Just my memory isn't so good.

High Corn Syrup is the worst!  We were given info at the sessions with  regard to the correct portions of fruit and fruit eaten in its raw state is fine because of the minerals, vitamins and the fibre it contains - I can't eat a big basket full of strawberries anymore (:    
Small soft fruit portion is what fits in one hand.

Yep, the trans fats are definitely ones to stay away from.

Thanks, I did know about the coconut oil - I eat it neat, cook with it, rub it into my body and put some into my bath.  I have made butter cream with coconut oil and cakes using coconut oil as an experiment, it doesn't quite work with just the coconut oil.  Not everyone liked the coconut oil in the chocolate cake.    Instead of butter, I spread coconut oil on my bread or toast.  Hubby won't have it.  But he doesn't notice any coconut flavour when I fry the eggs on it :)

My doctor referred me to a dietician and I see her regularly to help with weight loss.  
I find keeping a written record of everything I eat helps.  Doesn't help when hubby makes unhealthy dinners :)    Holidays and birthday celebrations are the worst to stay on track with food.
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