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Working in Uk came with to India for vacation on heavy non veg foods travel and stress , got a medical check done - fasting sugar at 101 , post food sugar at 198 ,hb1ac -6.1%, high Utica acid ( 9.2) and high triglycerides- 248 , is there any correlation ?( all other tests came fine ) , do I need to be concerned on the sugar levels and is there anything I can do to control it before it gets worse ? ( have been drinking quite a lot over past 2 weeks before I came to India ( daily atleast 3-4 beers - does this impact ? )
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Hi triglycerides are often related to high sugar.  
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Hello and welcome to the forum.   Your number of 101 is just slightly elevated past normal.  The American Diabetes Association states that the normal range is 70 to 100 mg/dl.  Diabetes is often diagnosed when there are consecutive readings in excess of 125 mg/dl.   So, I would imagine your doctor will want to retest you.  Food can impact this and some foods should be avoided.

It is probably not surprising that pastries are first on the list.  But carbs in general negatively impact diabetes.  The surprise to me on the list was grilled meats. Apparently, meats when grilled and you eat them will damage your insulin receptors and cell membranes.  So, grilling should be a treat and not done regularly.  

Hope this helps.
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Many thanks
I read that article and the 15 foods that people with diabetes should avoid.  The article makes sense when it says to avoid sugars, sodas, processed foods, and white flour products.  
The inclusion of grilled meat, is not the meat that is the problem, but if that meat gets burned....  
Coffee??? it's not coffee that is the problem its when the coffee has lots of added sugar.

The article is still pushing the mantra of limiting saturated fats and eating 'healthy whole grains".  Some people who follow low carb / keto way of eating to manage diabetes consider that saturated fats, when coming from whole unprocessed foods are fine, and they particularly avoid man-make fats and seed oils.  They also avoid all grains.

You will be your own science experiment in working out how to handle diabetes.  There are different approaches to explore. Please find what works for you.
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Your fasting blood sugar is only slightly high at 101.  However, your post eating result of 198 is much higher than it should be.  The drs typically give a target after eating of not higher than 140, however, even better if levels say under 100.

Now,  your hba1c at 6.1 puts you in the prediabetic range, and means that your average blood sugar is close to 140.    A truly normal hba1c is 5 or lower, and with average blood sugars of less than 100.

Certainly you should be taking this very seriously and modifying your diet and lifestyle to reverse this.    Reducing carbs and processed foods (eating more protein and healthy fats), losing weight if overweight (though some people can be what we call TOFI - Thin on the outside, fat on the inside), increasing physical activity, stress management.

It could be wise to purchase a blood glucose meter and use it to monitor your blood glucose after eating.  This will help guide you on which foods raise your blood sugars and which don't.  In this case you will want to try not to exceed post eating of 140, and ideally it will be even lower than this.

The high cholesterol can also be related to high sugar / carbs diet, and may be helped if you can reduce the carbs and make the other lifestyle changes.

Please coordinate with  your doctor as well for your personal medical care.
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Beers have considerable amounts of carbs, so this can affect your blood sugars as well.  However, hba1c represents average of 3 months blood sugar, and thus your problem with blood sugar likely precedes your trip to India and recent eating habits.
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Tks for the feedback I never had issues in India and hence I assume based on all of your comments that drinks and food in the UK has triggered this , so in a nutshell I have to get back on proper diet and excercise and keep alcohol away and then check the sugar regularly , at this point I believe there is no need for medication then ?
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yes, they all correlerate ..  to a high carb diet...and you looks like you are becoming insulin resistant.. try the the KETO or at least Atkin diet for 3 months.. ytou will be amazed by the results..
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Hello KetoMike.  So, you attest to this occurrence?  What's your situation?  Tell us more.  I know that they are actively studying this.  And so far, so good. https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/keto-diet-for-diabetes  They are starting to accumulate some science and studies to support your notion.  Let me ask you this.  I'm not great about diets.  Did you start slow or did you go all in at once?
After reading several books by Dr. Lustig..and numerous Youtubes episodes from Dr. Ekberg i decided to dive in at the deep end.. I have been on it now for 5 months. Lost 16kg.. TGs down by 40% and BP down.. LDL up a little but I not bothered about that. I can back up the above with before and after blood tests.
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