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Should I be concerned that my fasting glucose is elevated but A1C is normal?

Blood tests last week - fasting glucose was 115 mg/dL. A1C was 5.6%. Does that mean pre-diabetes, diabetes, or neither?
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Your fasting glucose is elevated.  Ideally it would be less than 95.  However, if you overfasted, this can cause higher than normal fasting blood sugar.

However, your hba1c of 5.6 also gives you an average blood sugar of about 120.  Considering that optimal hba1c is 5.0 or lower, and that many labs use a cut off of hba1c of 5.7 for prediabetes, I would think that you should consider that you need to take action already to reverse this.

The best way to manage blood sugar levels is to:-
1. Cut added sugars and processed carbs from your diet.
2. Daily exercise.
3. lose weight if overweight.
4. Get enough sleep

If you are wanting to pursue this further, you could get a home blood glucose meter to start testing blood sugars in response to foods.  Avoid those foods that raise your blood sugars higher than about 120, 1.5 to 2 hours after eating.

Hope this helps.  Please come back and ask more questions.
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What does overfasted mean and why would that increase blood sugar?
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I sent the results to 2 other of my doctors and none has followed up with me on it.
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So, how are things going now?  Any further info to provide?  Would love an update.
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Hello, thanks for the question.  Your fasting glucose level is elevated as 100 is the top of the target range.  Did you follow fasting guidelines?  It doesn't take much to skew the results.  Your A1C seems to fall within the top range of acceptable.  https://www.medicinenet.com/normal_blood_sugar_levels_in_adults_with_diabetes/article.htm  They may have you repeat the blood work for the fasting glucose test and confirmation.  What is your doctor saying about this?
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