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Worried I have diabetes

So I am a HUGE hypochondriac and recently I have been super worried that I may have type 2 diabetes. I am a 20 year old female I am 5'4'' and weigh about 210lbs. I know I am severely overweight but have been working out and eating better. The only real symptoms I have that are slightly concerning are wounds don't heal very quickly. I'm not sure if this is just something I am hyperaware about or if it could be a real issue. I don't have excess thirst, no frequent urination, no tingling in my hands or feet, and no issues with my vision. I sleep through the night without any issues. My aunt is the only one who has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in my family. I know that diabetes can be asymptomatic which really scares me.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your questions and concerns.  Please see your doctor for guidance but we'll try to help.  I think we will discuss two things with you.  First, diabetes.  You are concerned about having diabetes.  Here are the symptoms of diabetes: Symptoms for type 2 diabetes usually develop slowly and many times asymptomatic. Common major symptoms are:
More thirst, more hunger, peeing often, dry mouth, weight loss without trying, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches, loss of consciousness, infections or sores that don't heal, tingling hands and feet and swollen gums.  


Being overweight does increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes.  Your young age makes it less likely.  

To diagnose it, you need to do some lab work.  This is a simple glucose test.  https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diagnosing-type-2-diabetes  Your doctor should guide you with what to do but fasting prior to the test is very important for accuracy.  

Prevention of type 2 diabetes is important to start even at this early age.  If you are overweight, begin working on how to lose weight. Exercise regularly (if your doctor says you can), modify your diet, cut sugar and carbs as best you can, etc.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/type-2-diabetes/in-depth/diabetes-prevention/art-20047639

The second thing to address is your anxiety.  That's a health condition also to make sure you are working on treating.  Health anxiety is a type of anxiety as well.  Cognitive behavior therapy is very effective at overcoming this type of anxiety.  

Let us know how you are doing, best to you.  
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