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4 yr old - when to seek diagnosis

My son was born weighing 10 pounds 14 ounces. He was huge. Now that he is 4 he is the tiniest thing(34 pounds). His doctor is ok with his growth. Needless to say I did have gestational type 2 diabetes.

My point of concern with him is that every Sunday ( and only on Sunday because he doesn't get to snack like at home or day care) we have a huge battle with him after church. It is like he is hungry but so irritable and mean we can't get him to eat. When he was 2 it started. However, for the last 2 years I have been able to coerce him into getting a sip of tea or soda, or even water, and you can visually see him "level off". From the worst fit from a child you don't recognize, to being reasonable and rational, and it is almost a complete transformation. If I can get him to start drinking something he will progress to eating something, and usually when we get that far, he will pack it in.

It has gotten to the point now, that he is so mean and irrational I have to hold his head and drop something in his mouth for him to even get a drink.

Should I consider taking him to the endocrinologist for a diagnosis? I really think it is moderate hypoglycemia. Or What should we do?

Any advice is beneficial! - Thanks, Meg
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I am not physician, but the mom of a type one diabetic.  I always believe that you are the best judge of your child and how he is doing. I would go with your gut feeling and have the pediatrician run a few blood tests to see if your son is hypoglycemic or if there is something else causing this. The thing is if it is diabetes of hypo glycemic it would not just happen one day a week.

I always fell it is better to have things checked out for your own piece of mind. please check back and let us know how things are going - have a healthy New Year
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I wonder if you could ask the caregivers at your church to take him quietly aside at mid-morning and give him a snack that you prepare at home. You could do this as an experiment to see if he is better if you do this. He may be a child whose blood sugar levels drop a bit if he goes too long without eating and a snack might make a difference if this is the problem. My bet is that they would be willing to work with you to try this as a solution if you tell them what is happening.
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