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Diabetes in Relation to Shoes

The doctors for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics have talked about shoes in relation to Diabetes. Contrary to conventional beliefs, a person does NOT necessarily need to always wear tennis shoes or sneakers. They can wear ballet flats, huarache shoes, penny loafers, moccasins or espadrilles, if the shoe is comfortable AND it fits properly. You see, the issue is business dress codes in which people will not be allowed to wear tennis shoes or sneakers. These dress codes forbid that. Could nylon stockings help along with the shoes? Are penny loafers, huaraches and ballet flats exactly the best footwear? I'm asking this because I have a female cousin in Arkansas and she is diabetic with Type 1. She was diagnosed at age 32 in 2008.
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Nylon stocking would not be beneficial and may occasionally cause skin irritation. The idea behind using comfortable/ diabetic shoes is to provide adequate padding to the feet and prevent injury/ trauma. Also the shoes should not be tight to cause pressure at any point or lead to compromise in blood supply. The shoes should fit as comfortably into the normal arch of the foot and heels other than platforms are best avoided. Relative loose/ non-elastic cotton socks would best be suitable.
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My cousin in Arkansas is not the one that would wear tennis shoes; the only sneakers she will wear are the Keds Canvas Oxfords. She likes to wear ballet flat or huarache shoes, the penny loafers, moccasin flats or espadrilles. She has extremely high arches in her feet. Her name is Sam (short for her actual name Samantha). Her birth date is September 21, 1976. I am concerned because of her diabetes - people get Type 1 at any age. She has been using the insulin pump - she began using it in August 2012. My questions will be number 1: are there any Diabetes Education programs in Little Rock or Fayetteville? And number 2: Her career dress code does not allow her to wear sneakers or tennis shoes at all. You're right - the shoes should not be tight (she's size seven for her feet). Should she go one half size wider than size 7?
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