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Teen pregnacy with Diabetes.

How hard would it be for a teen with Diabetes to deal wiht pregnacy? Should it be a Big Concern?

Should I be worried or will it be ok if doctors appointments are frequently made,and check ups are always
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an unplanned pregnancy in a poorly controlled type 1 diabetic is a recipe for disaster, if your already pregnant try so so hard to control sugars right from the begining, very poor control at the early stages of pregnancy can cause birth defects.also all through the pregnancy you need tight control to give your baby the best chance. im sorry if ive scared you but its the facts and you need to be aware, take care
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Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant?  I don"t know how old you are since you did not indicate.  Pregnancy can be hard physically and emotionally for a diabetic.  If you are young, you body is still chaging and sugar control is very difficult.  In addition, you are still coping with changes in your body and in your brain.  Having a baby is a big responsibility and requires discipline when you are diabetic.  You have to keep tight control and see your doctor often.  It is also a major stress in your body.

If you are not pregnant, please use contraceptives until such time that you are old enough to take care of yourself and the baby...physically, emotionally, and financially.

If you are pregnant and want to keep it, SEE YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY!!!!!  Don't drink, smoke or use drugs.

Take care,

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