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medical alert bracelets

Hi there,
I have a question regarding the wearing of medical alert tags for a son who is a type 1 diabetic. How does one obtain this and where? Is it essential?
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Recently my aunt just purchased a medical alert from http://www.azmedicalalert.com. She received it immediately and was able to get started with ease. So far she was only used it once, when she felt unsafe and had them call the police. It is an amazing device and is extremely affordable.
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I have worked in many physically demanding jobs and (almost) have had some sort of ID with me to verify that I am diabetic.  To give you a worse case scenario why i belive that YES< IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT VISIBLE ID BE WORN, after working a very busy weekend at the bar hauling cases of beer and taking out trash and luggin kegs around a 3 story building for 5 hours straigt, I went into shock and did not even know it.  i walked out of the bar, passed out in the middle of the street and most people ignored me because they thought I was just extremly drunk  (this was a heavily populated bar area) thank god someone who knew me identified theproblem and called 911.  by time they got a blood sugar reading on me I was at 27...thats right 27.  i was told I was 15 minutes from total cardiac arrest.  that was of course the one day I forgot to wear my ID.  INEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT. Nor should anyone with diabetes or any other serious condition, period.
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Below is a link to a page with several sites where you can order a bracelet or necklace for your son.

My son is 10 and was diagnosed at the age of 3.  He has worn a necklace since he was diagnosed.  I believe it is definitely necessary to get one for your son.  I always say that it could save a life!

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I am not a doctor, but the mom of a type 1 and the daughter of a type 2.
I will tell you that both my daughter and my mom have the bracelets. You can get them form medic alert. Org or if you go to 50/50.com.  Also most pharmacies and jewelry stores can get them.  
It is good for your son to have on this way is god forbid anything happens to him paramedics and EMT will see the bracelet and know how to treat you son.   I personally, strongly believe in the use of some sort of medical alert bracelet or necklace.
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