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Blood sugar still high after spinal shot...should I be worried?

About 2-1/2 weeks ago I had a shot in the spine for pinched nerves. It had cortisone in it. I've had other cortisone shots (shoulders, hips) in my life before and the blood sugar increase only stayed a few days.

This time my blood sugar is still high after the injection and doesn't want to budge. My fasting runs about 188 or so. I take 15 mg of Actos. I have type 2, and I'm a female in late 50's.  My doc doesn't want to increase the Actos yet.  

My question is..is this level 188-200 fasting high? What should I eat for breakfast with this blood sugar level?  I guess pancakes and syrup are out!   Has anyone experienced anything like this following a cortisone injection and what did they do and how long did it last?

My previous levels before the shot were 115-130 fasting glucose in the morning. Last A1C 6.1.

I need some advice.
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Yes, a fasting of 188-200 is much too high for fasting and you need those numbers down. 2 1/2 weeks sounds long for the cortisone to be affecting your blood sugar. What are your post prandial (2 hours after meal) numbers like. I would call your doctor and ask him how long he thinks this will continue and what to do next. You don't want to remain that high that long.

I would restrict your intake of carbs to assist your blood sugar coming down. Breakfast is easy, because any kind of eggs, meat, cheese is very low carb. Lunch and dinner you want to try and stick to protein and vegies. Also exercise helps type 2's get numbers down as well as weight loss if needed. Did the increase of blood sugar follow directly from the shot? Your numbers might be increasing for other reasons. If they don't come down soon I'd see an endocrinologist.
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Drink lots of water. I learned that it can help bring the level down. I wouldn't worry too much about the level unless it stays for another week or so. Steroid injections do increase blood sugar levels for an uncertain (but not too, too long) length of time. I am type I and I also worked for a pain management group that gave steroid injections for pain.
Stress can also increase blood sugar, so the worry may be adding to the levels.
Try to relax and not worry about it too much. Please pot again and let us know how you are doing.
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I think your doctor should be acting already considering it is already 2 1/2 weeks.  The steroids should be out of your system about 3 days after the dose.

It is known that steroids can trigger full blown diabetes in a person who is susceptible.   My diabetes was irreversibly triggered by a single low dose of dextamethasone.  My blood sugars went up and never came down again.  I am now on insulin, which I started on about a week after my sugars went up.

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