Can you still get diabetes even if you have no family history of it?

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What are the symptoms? what should you look for?
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Btw. there are 2 types of diabetes.  Type 2, is typically lifestyle related, and with a very strong genetic link.

Type 1, is an autoimmune condition.  There is also a genetic predisposition / often a family history of other autoimmune conditions, but not always.  Type 1 requires injected insulin to stay alive.  While it is known to happen with children, it can also happen with adults.  

If you have symptoms of diabetes, please see your dr.
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Mark Hyman MD a  writer of v arious books on diabetes, weight loss and nutiricious eating writes eating the wrong foods can lead to diabetes.    These foods are  mostly ones that are high in bad fats  eg transfats and foods that are empty carbs such as pastry.     IOW simple carbs. vs  complex or healthy carbs.  Mostly fruits, vegetables,  nuts, seeds etc.   He writes possibly hormone inbalance that negatively affects the pancreas.  Stress too he writes can be a factor in somone getting disabetes.  His work is controversial. I am putting out this info as food for thought.
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Yes you can still get diabetes even with no family history of it.
Common symptoms are fatigue, thirst and frequent urination, slow healing wounds, more frequent infections (UTI and others), excessive hunger, feeling tired after eating.
If you suspect a blood sugar problem please see your Dr for testing.  You may also consider a home glucose meter to test fasting (normal is in the 70 - 95 range) and then 2 hours after eating (normal is similar to fasting up to a maximum of about 120/ 140).

Please come back let us know how you are doing.
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