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Diet basis

Is there any specific diet for diabetic patients? There are many articles online but confusing for which to follow. Some say fruits are bad, others say they are healthy, for example, bananas. Are there certain vitamins or supplements to take or any natural change of eating habits? It may vary from person to person but generally what should one eat to control levels of blood sugar.
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You are right, there is a lot of confusing info out there.  Seems like there are some companies who promote unhealthy choices for profit instead of healing.

What I found works well is low carbohydrate with moderate protein and balance of fat from healthy fat sources (like avocado, olive oil, nuts, eggs, grass fed butter, coconut oil, etc).  Typical meal is green leafy, or low-sugar vegetables, with meat/fish/eggs.  No starchy or sugary foods like potatoes, rice, pasta and flour.  And no low-fat or fat-free processed foods (they are loaded with sugars, carbs and chemicals).  Stay away from margarine and other fake manmade fats.  Fats containing high proportion of omega 3 is the healthier option (like salmon, olive oil, nuts, coconut, etc)  Eat real whole food more than processed food.
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Unfortunately there is no perfect diet and there no perfect diet for diabetes.  But avoiding simple carbs is good for everyone.  

A BG meter is a good tool to use.  Check out everything.  Even beans.  Yes some people have a very large and long lasting spike on beans, even though books suggest it as a good choice.

Supplements can help some people.  If you want to go in that direction consider things like chromium, they help some people control BG.  But check with your doctor, especially if you are on medications.
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Diabetes is high blood sugars (BG)  carbohydrates turn to BG.   eat less carbohydrates (carbs) have lower BG.

To find what works for you, get a BG meter, keep a log of
time - what you eat - BG

test before you eat, 1 hour after you eat, 2 hours after you eat.  If BG is over 140 eat less carbs or take more drugs.
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