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How can somebody lose weight having Diabities

Can somebody explain to me how many shades of grey does Diabetes have? All this time NHS was telling us “don’t get fat otherwise you will end up with Diabetes” fair enough. So now I learned that Sir Lindsay Hoyle lost few stones and when he went for a check up turns out it is because of Diabetes. So as from the internet I learned that (because those Paratsetamol Ibuprofine GPs i came across did not have any clue about it or probably pretended so to avoid loosing points) when the cells stop absorbing insulin they do not produce enough energy that is required for the blood to keep glucose level steady than there is constant urge for the one to eat starchy food or sugar to maintain glucose level and feel fresh but as time passes this constant carbohydrate intake raises sugar level in the blood and sugar turns in to fat and keeps piling up in the body. OK more less I understood this on an amateur level (please feel free to prove that I am talking bull I will be happy to learn something new) but one thing I did not understand is that how did Sir Lindsay Hoyle without taking Insulin first started loosing and lost few stones and have been diagnosed with Diabetes.
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Putting on weight doesn't always mean Diabetes, obesity is also genetic and  can be controlled. Very true Diabetes has indeed many shades of grey. Severe undiagnosed Diabetes can cause loss of weight because food is not been utilised by body properly
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Hi Again!

I would suggest that you research low carb / ketogenic diet, paleo diet, or whole foods diet.   Though keto may be better for you as it will directly address insulin resistance, and also avoids sugars, starchy veges, and sweet fruits.

The basics of this diet are:-

Eat adequate healthy proteins.  This will mostly be meats of all types, fish, eggs, some nuts, unsweetened protein powders can also be used.
Limit carbs:  Carbs will come mostly from a wide range non-starchy vegetables and some limited cold weather fruits (such as berries)
Fats should be unprocessed and will mostly come naturally with your quality proteins.  Cheese, butter, cream, olive and other cold pressed oil, fat from animal products.

You eat unprocessed and minimally processed foods as close to their original and natural state as possible. ie. Whole foods.

The foods you don't eat are anything with added sugars, anything containing or made from grains, starchy veges particularly corn and potatoes, sweet fruits.

When you eat low / carb or keto you need to make sure you get plenty of electrolytes, like salt, magnesium, potassium, etc.  This will avoid "keto flu". Bullion or stock cubes made into a simple broth can be helpful at the beginning.

I do not suggest replacing regular soda or sweetened tea with artificially sweetened beverages.  Better that you substitute other things like unsweetened teas, plain water, fruit infused waters, etc. and train your "taste" away from sweet tastes.  The first week would be really hard, but I reckon you could adapt pretty well after that time.  And once you get your body weaned away from sugar your energy levels should also improve.

Take up exercise.  Do you have a pet to walk?  Can you borrow one, if that is something you might enjoy.  Losing the excess weight will come from changing diet and increasing physical activity.  You will feel so much better if you get back to fighting weight... and you greatly reduce your probable insulin resistance.

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Thank you Sally you have given me so much information that i could not get from my GPs for 16 years.. thanks again.
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Hi Iraklibox,

Do you have a blood glucose meter?  It would be very useful to know what your blood glucose is at the time that you are feeling like you need to eat sugar / sweet tea.
Blood glucose meters are freely available at most pharmacies.  

You may be experiencing rebound hypoglycemia.  So the situation with you taking sugar may be worsening your situation.  It works like this; take sugar which causes insulin to rise.  If you are insulin resistant then your insulin levels may over shoot and your sugars may drop precipitously, leaving you low and making you feel like you need more sugar.

Suggest that you may want to be eating a high protein low-carb diet, with plenty of healthy fats.  This will help get your blood sugar stable.  Low carb diet which focuses on reducing carbs, adequate protein (target 1 - 2 g of protein / kg of body weight) and intake of healthy fats (coming with your foods) will surely improve your situation.

Coffee is not the answer, changing your diet will be.
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Thank you Super_Sally888 i learned from you more than from any GP that I met within these 16 years I am in the UK I will definitely ask about this glucose metter.. I was thinking to find some suger supliment as well but I am little scared because I learned from the news papers that drinking diet Coce or Pepsi increases the risk of stroke.. thats why I am little scared to switch suger for a sweeteners.. i am thinking what if i will do more harm in terms of blood pressure problems.. I for example (and i know few people my coworkers who are the same) if drink diet pepsi or coke day time will not sleep at night.. than i have to drink dispersable Aspirin to thin up my blood to ease the flow to the brain and get a sleep.. so going back to the subject of sugar supliments i am little scared.. the ideal conditions would be for me smart phone screen or computer screen free world like it was for me 10 years ago with telestrial TV that i could watch couple of hours without getting any head aich.. but i am afraid that those days are gone and from sugar free teas i switched to sweet teas and picked up 20kg.. thanks again i will definitly ask about glucose meter in the farmacies.. thank you.
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there are different types of diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance that over time develops into high blood sugar and overt diabetes.
Insulin resistance is caused by being overweight, by inactivity, and by genetics.

The best way to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes is to eat a lower carb diet (avoiding added sugars), which also means avoiding flours and particularly processed foods, and limiting starchy vegetables and fruits.   Additional benefit comes from exercise, and of course weight management.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This type of diabetes is not caused by insulin resistance, it is caused by lack of insulin.  Typically it is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and destroys the pancreas meaning that it is not able to produce enough insulin to keep blood sugars steady.  The treatment for type 1 Diabetes is injected insulin.  Also controlling the amounts of carbs eaten, exercise, and weight management will be important in helping management.
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Thank you, very nice explanation.. I have all simptoms of insulin resistense at my 46 years.. even the velvety patch of the skin on my head.. all my life I was 73kg, (with 171cm height) in recent years i became 92-93kg because I literully live with starch and sugary tea if I will try to eat my lunch without bread (and this is what i do now at work) then i have to drink tea with the sugar other wise in one hour i will feel very week.. everything has started 20 years ago with my heart event that changed my life completly (i was doing push ups on my fists and ended up with the mild attack). before smartphones arrived i could somehow balance my diet without sugary tea but now when i look at the screens i started to have this urge of drinking shugary tea in the mornings and this is how i picked up my 20kg.. there is big three in my case.. cardio vascular, insulin resistense, blood presure problems.. my mum has a very similar body and gyns.. if she will not drink 2 cups of strong coffee in the morning her blood sugar is extrimly low, and she can not even function normaly but the diference is that, that she has got a healthy heart.. if I will drink coffee in the morning it means i won't be able to sleep at that night.. i went to GP couple of times they will send me to the blood test the blood test wont show high blood shugar (in the level that they have to start treatment) than i will get the letter from my GP that my sugar level is "all right" but my cholesterol is high and i have to follow a healthy diet.. and this loop goes and goes and goes for the years without my self even see some proffessional from this field who can have some consultation with me to give some advise.. one more time thanks for your comment it was helpful and i learned that at some point my insulin resistense will turn in to diabetes.. i need to urgently cut my time in front of the screens to be able to go back to reduced sugar diet and not have my brane craving for a sugary drink when i sit with facebook even one hour.. thanks again..
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