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Muscle Spasms common? uncommon? how to deal

I have been experiencing what I decribe as severe muscle spasms or cramps. Usually from the back area to the sides, they are happening more often now than when they first started almost a year ago.  The other day it was so bad I had to pull the car over & get out to stretch, this seems to be the only relief I get.  I was not sure if the pains I was feeling were related to Type II Diabetes or not. I heard that lack of potassium can cause the cramping.  Now I read that it could be lack of magnesium?  I don't now what to do, I am standing on line in a store to purchase something & I have to walk out because the pain is so bad and I get embarrassed people look at you writhing in pain.Please anyone any suggestions????
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" I don't now what to do"
I think it's time you visit your doctor as there are a number of reasons for your discomfort. By the way, how are you managing your diabetes as uncontrolled diabetes and muscle spasms are related.
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I hit 40 last march,i am 5lbs over weight..ok ok more like 70lbs...
having crazy muscle spasms every where but lately more so around the elbow and back of the arm area..I was recently on holidays in the states and bought this huge jub of Hawaian punch..shortly after consuming some my muscles started doing the mumbo (sp)..
even as i write this the back of my arms are doing the funky chicken.
can it really be high sugar causing this..?

anyone else having issues with muscle spasms like mine..?
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Most of the time muscle spasms happen because of electrolyte disturbances. Are you a diabetic? If so, then metformin can also cause muscle spasms. Let me know.
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