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Need help with remembering things.

In 2010 I was DXed with Diabetes But no matter what I did it kept getting worse. Finally about 2 years ago my Doctor put me on the Dexcom CGM in order to try to figure out what was going on. @ weeks after I got the CGM she checked the data and found out that my BG was spiking over 350 while I was sleeping. I have PTSD and the nightmares were causing my body to dump sugar into my blood for the fight or flight response. So she put me on an insulin pump and 2 months later my A1C was down to 6.5 from 9.2. My latest A1C was down to 5,8 after 6 month on the pump. I still get spikes while I am sleeping, but not nearly as high and not every night.

My real problem now is trying to remember things dealing with my insulin supply and devices. The CGM needs to be changed every 10 days, the infusion stuff every 3 days, the transmitter for the CGM every 90 days. Not to mention ordering refills on each of these items.

I found a great app for handling all of my other meds with it letting me know when I need to get refills ordered, but it just doesn't seem to work with the diabetes stuff, especially the insulin which varies day by day as to how much is being used.

So my basic question is does anyone know of an app that can help me with my refills of diabetes supplies?
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I'm 71 and can't remember a lot. I take 13meds and have a medical backround so you would think I'd have a hand on this. You're pharmacy has autofill and reminders when you're due to refill. My savior is Alexa. If you have amazon, it's worth the money. I set 3 reminders  to remind me to take my meds. You can remind her to do anything.
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