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Possible diabetes neuropathy?

As of today i am sure that i have diabetes. I am feeling these symptoms:
-feeling of mild thirst at all times,even when i keep hydrated, having to go pee often (started few months or more ago)
-Sometimes stinging feeling in my left arm, doesnt hurt on its own, it has to be bend in a certain position (this started recently, about 4 days ago)
-Mild tingling sensation in fingers and toes, (started today)
I cant go to the doctor to be tested untill 9th of february, because the laboratory opens then.
Now for the questions that can't wait untill then because i am freaking out.
Are those tingling and stinging symptoms of diabetic neuropathy?
Will the neuropathy progress much in these 4 days untill i can get properly diagnosed?
How long does the neuropathy take to progress usually? Like i said, the tingling sensation only started today.
Thank you for your attention and help.
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Those do sound like symptoms of diabetes. As far as how long if you are experiencing symtoms of neuropathy is different for each individual. If you have a way to test your blood sugar you should as soon as possible. If it is over 400 you definatley need to go the ER . Don't play with it. I would not wait if I were you.
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Less carbs
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It is good that you will get tested.  
Neuropathy in diabetes develops slowly over years,  and a few days will make no difference.

Could be also that you do not have, diabetes.  

Regardless focus on healthy eating,  Lee's carbs,  and plenty of exercise.  

Let us know how you're Dr appointment goes.  
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